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FCAT 2.0 Writing Prompts

Expository and Persuasive Prompts

Robert Wind

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of FCAT 2.0 Writing Prompts

FCAT 2.0 Writing 10th Grade Essay Prompts Expository Week 3 Persuasive Essay Expository Prompts Expository Essay Prompt Situation: In recent years, many areas in
the United States have experienced natural disasters, such as floods, earthquakes,
hurricanes, and tornadoes.
Directions: Think about ways young people should respond to help people in other communities that have experienced natural disasters.
Prompt: Write to explain ways young people may respond to help people in other communities affected by natural disasters. Expository Essay Prompt Situation: Each year, many teenagers
are killed or injured by driving under the
influence of alcohol or by riding in a car
driven by an alcohol-impaired teen.

Directions: Think about how these
alcohol-related deaths or injuries can be reduced.

Prompt: Write to explain solutions to help
stop other teens from risking their lives by
driving under the influence of alcohol. Situation: School violence has
increased significantly over the
past several years.
Directions: Think about why school
violence is on the rise.
Prompt: Write to explain why
school violence has increased
over the past few years. Persuasive Essay Situation: Many high school students hold
part-time jobs after school.

Directions: Think about the effects part-time
jobs have on students. Do part-time jobs hinder
or help student's educational goals?

Prompt: Now write to convince your guidance
counselor to accept your view of high school
students holding part-time jobs. Expository Essay Prompt Persuasive Essay Directions: Universities and colleges
require that entering freshmen must have taken at least two years of foreign language on the high school level before graduation.
Situation: Think about the advantages and disadvantages of taking two years of foreign language in high school.
Prompt: Write an essay to convince a university or college whether or not two years of foreign language be a requirement for high school. Persuasive Essay Situation: Technology has become a vital in our modern society. It acts as both a source for knowledge and enjoyment.
Directions: Think about technology's role and connection with education. Does it help or hinder?
Prompt: Write to convince your school board to accept your view of technology and its role in your school. Persuasive Essay Situation: Your school board members have banned music playing devices (MP3 players) from schools due to the distraction they cause in classrooms.
Directions: Think about the effects that listening to music playing devices in the classroom have on you and your friends.
Prompt: Now write to convince your school board members to accept your point of view on whether music playing devices should be banned from schools. Expository Essay Situation: Teenagers are often influenced by celebrities.
Directions: Think about a celebrity who positively affects teens.
Prompt: Write to explain how a a celebrity can serve as a positive role model to teens. Expository Essay Situation: Obesity is becoming a national health issue.
Directions: Think of reasons why Americans are gaining weight and becoming obese.
Prompt: Write to explain reasons why Americans are fighting the weight battle. Expository Essay Situation: As the price of gasoline continues to rise, American consumers are paying high prices for a gallon of gas. At the same time, oil companies are making record profits.
Directions: Think about alternatives to paying such outrageous prices for gas.
Prompt: Write to explain what alternatives you would use to save money on gas. Persuasive Essay Situation: Students are legally allowed to drop out of school after they reach the age of 16. The state is currently considering a bill which will raise this age to 18.

Directions: Think about the problems or benefits of raising this age to 18.

Prompt: Now write to convince your legislators to accept your viewpoint of the mandatory age for dropping out of school. Persuasive Essay Persuasive Essay Persuasive Essay Situation: Online dating services have become popular in recent years.

Directions: You have corresponded online with someone that you would now like to meet face-to-face. You realize that there may be safety issues involved.

Prompt: Now write to convince your parents to allow this visit. Situation: Due to potential problems, many school systems have adopted a policy that bans cell phones on school grounds. However, some parents have provided these items out of concerns for safety.

Directions: Do you agree or disagree that cell phones should be banned on school grounds?

Prompt: Now write an essay in which you convince the reader of your opinion. Support your position with specific reasons and sufficient examples. Situation: Current research suggests that because teenagers have different sleep patterns, they would benefit from beginning the school day at a later time. Suppose your Board of Education has proposed that all high school schedules begin at 9:30 a.m. and end at 4:30 p.m.

Directions: Do you agree or disagree that this schedule would be beneficial?

Prompt: Now write an essay in which you persuade the Board of Education to agree with your opinion. Support your position with reasons and examples. Expository Prompt Situation: Everyone has had a memorable teacher.
Directions: Think about the positive influences a teacher has had on you and your educational goals.
Prompt: Write to explain your most memorable teacher. Expository Essay Situation: Many people in this country care more about the way they look and having nice things, like cars and clothes, than about the problems of society. They do not pay enough attention to crime, poverty, and unemployment.
Directions: Do you agree or disagree with this statement?
Prompt: Write an essay in which you explain your opinion. Expository Essay Situation: Your school has a program in which a tenth grader acts as a mentor for a ninth grade at the beginning of each school year. The mentor's job is to help the ninth grader have a successful experience at your school. The ninth grader is worried about being able to write well enough for high school classes.
Directions: As you plan your response, think about your own writing experiences. How would you describe "good" writing? What advice has been helpful to you? What writing techniques do you use?
Prompt: Write a letter to your ninth grader explaining what kind of writing is expected in high school classes and what the student can do to be a successful writer in high school. Persuasive Persuasive Essay Situation: A school board is considering keeping school in session all year. Instead of a long summer vacation there will be many shorter breaks throughout the year.
Directions: Think about the effects of a twelve-month school year. Do you agree or disagree that schools should be in session all year?
Prompt: Now, write an essay in which you persuade the reader why this is or is not a good idea. Defend your position with specific reasons supported by several detailed examples. Situation: State guidelines have re-outlined the high school math sequence. All students will soon be required to take geometry before graduation.
Directions: Think about the challenges of all students taking geometry.
Prompt: Now, write to convince your legislators to accept your point of view on whether geometry should be required before graduation. Persuasive Essay Situation: Have you ever wanted to change the world? If you could change one thing to make the world a better place what would it be?
Directions: Think about things you would change. Think about reasons you would change them.
Prompt: Choose one thing to change and tell your reader several reasons why it is the most important thing to change in order to make the world a better place. Remember to use specific details to support and explain your reasons. Use interesting adjectives and descriptions to make your paper interesting to read. Expository Essay Situation: Many schools require all students to perform some type of community service such as working in nursing homes or hospitals.
Directions: Think about how you would feel if you were required to perform a community service.
Prompt: Now write an essay in which you persuade the reader that students should or should not be required to perform community service. Defend your position with several detailed reasons. Develop those reasons with supporting examples. Persuasive Prompt Situation: A law has been passed changing the driver's license system to a graduated system. A young person can be issued a restricted learner's permit at age 15, an intermediate license at age 16 and a full license at age 17. Both the learner's permit and intermediate license limit the number of passengers allowed in a car and limit the hours the person can drive. The full license carries no restrictions.
Directions: Consider carefully the advantages and disadvantages of the graduated driver's license system. Do you agree or disagree with the graduated license system?
Prompt: Now, write an essay in which you persuade the reader to support your point of view. Support your position with specific reasons and examples. Persuasive Essay Situation: Some people agree with this statement: "If you ban junk food during school hours students will be healthier and more productive in school."
Directions: Think about whether you believe the statement is true or false.
Prompt: Write to convince your principal that this statement is false. Be sure to include sufficient reasons for your argument and support them with examples, details, and personal stories.
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