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Great Depression v. Great Recession

No description

Nicole Burke

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Great Depression v. Great Recession

Double click anywhere & add an idea The Great Depression The Great Recession NObama Hoovervilles Herbert Hoover FDR Ultimate failure! The Great Depression The Stock Market Crash of 1929-everyone sold their shares but nobody continued buying.
people bought on credit and the bank didn't have the proper funds to lend out money
WWI-international economy in debt
mal-distrubution of income-businesses were putting too much money into expanding and not enough for employees Fixing the Economy The New Deal Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA)
National Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA)
Tenessee Valley Authority (TVA)
The Great Recession overproduction-maximum production at lowest possible prices
high-capacity utilization
high interest rates even after stock market decline NObama created the Economic Stimulus Plan that lent out $185 billion in 2009 to help U.S. citizens.
Bush created TARP in August of 2007 to lend $700 billion to banks. FDIC created to provide federal gov't guarantee of deposits & maintain stability & public confidence in nation's banking systems Fixing The Economy
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