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career development

No description

nidia colon

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of career development

Caffe Bella Italia identify different characteristics of the subject and compare them against a common and objective information database. Foundation Technique Courses
Kitchen and Hospitality Management
Advanced Technique Courses us.jobs
indeed.com Be Prepared to Interview
Practice Interviewing
Don't smoke, chew gum, eat, or drink.
Speak slowly and enunciate clearly. honest
efficient Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina Kinesthetic
Using flash cards to memorize.
Hands-on Activities Before:
Get a good night sleep the night before
Do your research
Make copies of your resume
Prepare a solid list of references
Drop off thank you note
Follow up appropriately SERVSAFE CERTIFICATE Interpersonal skills:
The set of abilities enabling a person to interact positively and work effectively with others. Development of the interpersonal skills of employees is a key goal of training and development initiatives for many companies, and is considered a constructive manner in which to handle office disputes and other personnel issues. These skills include the areas of communication, listening, delegation of tasks and leadership Word Processing
Basic Skills Pursue a career in culinary arts
Finish College
Transfer to SDSU Positive attitude Loyalty Professionalism Q: Describe a situation when you had to work under a high degree of pressure.
A: When I used to work at retail the time that made me feel under a high degree pressure like never before was on black Friday. There were times that I just wanted to get out of the store because the amount of costumers was really high and all of them were really demanding, and it was my first time working on that date. Although I never stopped being nice to the customers but I guess some of my coworkers noticed that I was really tired after the first 5 hours because we didn't had the chance to take our breaks or lunch. What help me cope with the pressure was keeping myself motivated and with a positive attitude so customers would leave happy, and I don't think I would done anything differently because I did a really good job that day. La Vache Pastry Chef
Nutritional Consultant
Research Chef I would like to get a job here because a new one is opening in the valley and I would love to work at a italian food restaurant expected to increase by 14% from 2010 to 2020.
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