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Assessing Gaming as an Economic Development

No description

Cordell Troncosa

on 25 February 2015

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Transcript of Assessing Gaming as an Economic Development

Assessing Gaming as an Economic Development
Cordell Troncosa
San Felipe Pueblo
SFIS Senior Honor Project
Spring Symposium
May 6, 2014

Focus Question #3
What are casinos doing to use their profits to help tribes?
Focus Questions
What are casinos doing to use their profits to help tribes?
What kinds of positive and negative economic effects have casinos had on New Mexico tribes?
What is the history of indian gaming nationally and in New Mexico?
Focus Question #2
What kinds of positive and negative economics effects have casinos had on New Mexico?
Focus Question #1
What is the history of indian gaming nationally and in New Mexico?
Positive Effects
Negative Effects
New Mexico
Key Terms
Revenue Allocation Plan
Per Capita Payments
Fringe Benefits
United Nations Declarations of the Rights of Indigenous People
IGRA Profit net rules
Fund tribal government operation or programs
Provide for general welfare of their members
Promote tribal economic development
Donate to charitable organizations
Help fund operations of local government agencies
Sandia Pueblo is remodeling housing.
Sandia Peublo is sending their kids to private Schools.
Per Capita Payments
Distribute Revenue
Department of Interior
Connor and Taggert
Robert Garcia
Robert Garcia
Tribes With RAPs

Cabazon Band of Mission Indians of California.
2012 72 tribes
2013 100+ tribes
2008 Report
Tesuque Pueblo renovated its plaza
Tesuque Pueblo Built Schools.
Fringe Benefits
Generates jobs
Money won stays local
Tribal casinos compete with each other.
Tribal casinos have to pay 9.75%
Gambling Addiction
The Myth of Indian Casinos
Indian tribes have the inherent right to engage in gambling on their reservation.
the supreme courts decision in Cabazon band essentially meant that Indian tribes throughout the country could operate any type of gambling facility on their reservation that they wished.

Every tribe has a casino
Every indian has a job
Indians are rich

Article 20

1. Indigenous peoples have the right to maintain and develop their
political, economic and social systems or institutions, to be secure
in the enjoyment of their own means of subsistence and development,
and to engage freely in all their traditional and other economic

2. Indigenous peoples deprived of their means of subsistence and
Development are entitled to just and fair redress.

Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988
Passed by congress
Limited gaming
Class I
Class II
Class III
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New Mexico Gaming control Board
1990 Governor of New Mexico Appointed a task force
1995 Governor Gary Johnson talks with tribes about compacts
1997 the 1995 compacts were introduced to 1997 New Mexico Legislative Session
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