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Ned Begay Character Map

This is my character map about the Code Talker main character, Ned Begay.

David Yao

on 23 March 2011

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Transcript of Ned Begay Character Map

Ned Begay
AKA Kii Yazhi The Main Character in Joseph
Bruchac's book, Code Talker. Ned Begay (Kii Yazhi) is the main character in
Joseph Bruchac's book, Code Talker. Code Talker
is about the role the Navajos played in World War Two
in America's conflict against Japan in the Pacific. Ned Begay is one of the Navajo people who must
go to school. He later, after graduation, enlisted
in the US Marines. Now for some of Ned Begay's
character traits. I hope you enjoy the presentation! NED BEGAY
TRAITS Ned Begay has many character traits. Now I will list some of them. Now for some character traits. Helpful Page 117:
"I was tying a handkerchief around his arm, which had been wounded by shrapnel." This shows helpfulness since he helped the wounded Marine Georgia Boy while the others were fighting. Passive Page 210:
"The bartender and the two other white men just grabbed me and threw me out into the street. I did not try to fight them." This shows passiveness because he didn't fight them. He just brushed it off and went home. Curious Page 33:
"From then on, I took a special interest in Japan. I read everything I could find about it, including articles in newspapers and the few magazines in our school library." He was very curious about Japan, and wanted to learn more about it. Intelligent Page 29:
"Even though my body would not grow tall, somehow I knew that there was no limit to the growth of my mind." and "Instead I just did well on my written work, passing tests with high grades and handing in assignments done in perfect English." This shows intelligence because he did much better than most other Navajo kids, and his teachers complimented him. The End These are only some of Ned's character traits. He has many more. I hope you enjoyed my Prezi! By the way, I highly recommend
this book!
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