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(AH1) Objective 16 - Reconstruction

No description

Jerrid Harris

on 28 November 2016

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Transcript of (AH1) Objective 16 - Reconstruction

Reconstruction (1865-1877)
The Reconstruction Mini-Q
Presidential vs. Radical

"With malice towards
none, with charity for all."
- 2nd Inaug. Address

-Forgiving to the South
-"10 percent plan"
-Ratification of
13th Amend
-limited black suffrage
-amnesty for confed. officers
-property returned (except slaves of course)
-black codes allowed
Freedmen's Bureau

Reconstruction Under U. S. Grant
Most Reconstruction legislation occurred under the A. Johnson Administration, however, most of Reconstruction was implemented by the U.S. Grant Administration...like:
- Ratification of the
14th, and 15th amendments
of the Southern states to the Union
Military occupation
of the South
- the
Freedmen's Bureau
- the oversight of
black voting
and the
admission of black congressman into office

The Problems with Reconstruction
The Scandalous Grant Administration

The Solid South


Overall incompetence and corruption with those that oversaw Reconstruction
"Abolition—Yes! abolish everything on the face of the earth but this Union; free every slave—slay every traitor—burn every rebel mansion, if these things be necessary to preserve this temple of freedom to the world and to our posterity."
-Unforgiving to South
-"50 percent plan"
-Ratification of
13th, 14th, and 15th Amends.
-total black suffrage
-limited amnesty for confed. officers
-property forfeited to pay Union officers
Freedmen's Bureau
military occupation of the South under Union
Who Killed Reconstruction?
The North?
The South?
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