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Tells you about how to survive and some tricks too.

Elite cataphract

on 28 November 2013

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Transcript of Minecraft

By: Eric Minecraft Minecraft How to survive the first night part 1 Mobs Bosses Ores and Caves How to get Started Minecraft is a game made out of blocks. It is the real world with no buildings except villages. Like the real world it has many trees, different land or chunks(16 times 16 times 256 blocks) like desert, jungle, forest, rivers, plains, tundras, extreme hills, and many more. For extra things that not all players want is in mods, where you can install more monsters, tools, and machines. The first night in survival is one of the hardest so you need to get prepared. A whole minecraft day is 20 minutes 10 is day time where you are safe, but after 10 minutes 1 and 1/2 minutes is sun fall, following with 10 minutes of night time where monsters come out and try to get you , the rest is run rise. First when you are in the game you need to get 10, 11 or 12 pieces of wood if your land is alot of hills you can easily get coal(found on side of hills or mountains) which is used for seeing(torches) and cooking or smelting. Coal generates in large groups so not only you can get around 20 coal in one spot, you can also use that hole as a small home there for the night. Make sure to light your home up so monsters will not spawn. After finding coal you can go to your backpack and make all your wood into wood planks( 1 wood = 4 wood planks). Then fill your crafting space with wood planks to make an crafting table which is 3by3 not 2by2. use your wood planks to make sticks(around 12). Useing the crafting table make a wooden pickaxe to mine the coal and stone. Once you finished digging the coal get about 30 stone(turns into cobblestone). Mobs are the monsters in minecraft. There are lot's of monster like creepers, spiders, skeletons, zombies, zombie pigman, witch, ghast, wither skeletons, blazes, slimes, megma cubes, enderman, zombie villagers, silverfish, spiderjockeys, wither and the enderdragon. All the mobs has different attacking style and skills that they can use, for example creepers sneak up on you and explode destroying the blocks under and beside it (most of time you take lot's of damage). There are many different kinds of ore
most are either stronger or is used
differently, like redstone is used
for wiring or powering things like a
lever. While iron and diamond
is used for tools and armor
people like to use diamond
more than iron because it is stronger.
Caves are generated randomly, caves
can help you mine faster but there
are more monsters, so try to get some
kind of armor before going in there.
Most players like diamonds the best but you need other ores to mine it like iron.
Diamond is not the rarest thing in Minecraft, emerald is rarer because it only spawns in the terrain extreme hills at near bedrock level, but diamond spawns everywhere at bedrock level(1 to 9). Also diamond come in groups of 1 to 9 while emerald usually spawn with only 1 ore.
So far there are two bosses, the Enderdragon and the Wither. Both of them has the power to fly. The enderdragon will try to crash into you destorying blocks except for bed rock, obsidian and end stone. The wither will try to shoot you(three at a time), if hit it will cause all your hearts to go blank(while taking damage) not knowing how munch hearts you have it is dangerous. The only way to reverse it is to drink milk. Before starting the game you have to learn the basic controls and steps. Like many games, to move is the W, A, S, D, w for forward to sprint double tap w, a for left, s for back and d for right. The space bar is for jumping. Your mouse is for looking around, by left and right clicking is to attack and use things. The rest of the controls like backpack and more can be changed in the options. When in the game you will notice a health and hunger bar, the health has ten hearts something like a fall or a hit will take hearts off. Hunger is very simple just eat and do not let it go down or it will take down hearts. To scroll the backpack just click or use the top nine numbers. General Minecraft was made in 2009 by Markus Persson
or as most players know him as notch.Markus got the idea of making the game Minecraft from a game called infiniminer where you collect stuff from a random seed or map. Later Mojang or Jeb started working on it who is the designer of Minecraft right now. Crafting This is the basic crafting Enchanting Enchanting is upgrading a piece of weapon, tool or armor in Minecraft. There are many different enchants like sharpness, knock back, fortune, efficiency and many more. When enchanting it will make the thing that your enchanting, alot more powerful. To enchant you need a enchanting table which will suck letters from bookshelves to make the level of enchant more powerful. For example, normally a enchanting table with no bookshelves will need 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 levels but if put bookshelves there will be stronger enchants like level 20, 21, 22. Brewing Brewing is some of the harder things to remember in Minecraft. Some of the basic potions are, potion of healing, damage, speed, awkward and fire resistance. To make a healing potion you need a brewing stand, water bottle, neather wart, glistering melon, glowstone dust, and gunpowder. First you need to make a base potion like the awkward potion which cannot be much use except for making other potions.(water bottle+ neather wart). In the brewing stand add the glistering melon to make the healing potion. To make the potion stronger add glowstone dust. To make the healing splash potion add the gunpowder. Sources https://minecraft.net/game Crafting guide(app) http://www.minecraftinfo.com/articles.htm How to survive the first night part 2 Using the 30 cobblestone at your crafting table make 2 stone pickaxe(better than wooden) 1 furnace, 1 sword, 1 ax, 1 shovel and 1 hoe. By using the stone pickaxe you can now mine iron ore which is one of the most useful when smelted. At night since there is nothing to do and your at the side of a mountain just mine down(not straight down) until you find iron ore to smelt using coal and your furnace or until morning! iron ore dirt stone mushroom creeper torch coal iron ingot coal armor wood wood planks sticks pickaxe bow sword http://www.minecraftinfo.com/brewing.htm wither enderdragon Test time 1. In Minecraft what is the rarest gem or ore? 2.In Minecraft what do you need to stop monsters from spawning? 3. What are the two bosses of the game? Bonus. Where do you find the two bosses? Answers
1. emerald

and wither Bonus. wither is in the nether
Enderdragon is in the End 2. torches red stone roller coaster
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