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Literary Allusion

No description

Justine Delgado

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of Literary Allusion

By Justine Delgado Literary (Artistic) Allusion in Literature Definition Things You Must Absolutely Know cont. Allusion: reference to a work of art, music, history, religion, or any other work of literature within a piece of literature.
Allusion helps the reader to understand and remember the message or the theme of the passage.
Allusions allow the writer to get a point across or give an example without getting too lengthy or drawn out.
Allusions can refer to anything historically realistic or fictional. Things You Absolutely Must Know These are some of the most popular allusions used in Literature:
Shakespearean Plays
Romeo and Juilet- Shakespeare
Julius Caesar- Shakespeare
Mona Lisa- DaVinci
The Scream-Munch
Comic Book Characters
Superman-DC Comics
Batman- DC Comics
1984- Orwell
Fairy Tales
Little Red Riding Hood-Perrault
Hansel and Gretel-Brothers Grimm
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs- Brothers Grimm
Novels, Poems, and Plays
Oliver Twist-Dickens
Moby Dick-Melville
A Tale of Two Cities- Dickens
A Christmas Carol- Dickens
Alice in Wonderland- Carroll
Gone With the Wind- Mitchell
The Scarlet Letter-Hawthorne
A Streetcar Named Desire-Williams
Lolita- Nabokov
Odyssey- Homer
Uncle Tom's Cabin- Stowe
Gulliver's Travels- Swift
Dante's Inferno- Dante
The Three Musketeers- Dumas
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory- Dahl
The Boy Who Cried Wolf- Aesop
Where is Literary Allusion Use? Here are some examples of where literary allusion is used: "Out, Out"- Frost (Macbeth)
The Simpsons (Shakespeare, classic literature)
Catch 22- Heller (Shakespeare, the Odyssey, Plato)
To Kill a Mockingbird- Lee (Dracula, Ivanhoe)
Brave New World- Huxley( The Tempest- Shakespeare)
Kiss me, Kate (Taming of the Shrew)
West Side Story (Romeo and Juliet)
Ulysses- Joyce (Odyssey, Hamlet)
Gertrude and Claudius- Updike (Hamlet)
A Thousand Acres- Smiley (King Lear)
Men of Tomorrow- Jones (Superman)
Clueless (Emma) Where is Literary Allusion Used cont. Dante's Inferno-Dante(Aristotle, Aesop)
The Waste Land- Eliot (Canterbury Tales, Dante's Inferno)
A Wedding Sonnet for the Next Generation- Viorst (Shakespeare, Yeats)
Jane Ere- Austen (Hamlet, King Lear, Paradise Lost)
The Sound of the Fury- Faulkner (Macbeth)
The Tunnel- Browne (Red Riding Hood)
The Lion King (Hamlet)
Lord of the Flies- Golding (The Coral Island)
What Dreams May Come (Shakespeare)
Till' Human Voices Wake Us (Love Song of Alfred J. Prufrock- T.S. Eliot)
A Streecar Named Desire (Poe,Browning, Walt Whitman)
Big Brother (1984)
Romeo Must Die (Romeo and Juliet)

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