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The Giant Panda

my project is about the giant panda

Olivia VandePol

on 16 May 2011

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Transcript of The Giant Panda

Population Habitat Panda bears live in
mountain ranges in
China. They use to
live in low land areas
but human expansion
has pushed them upwards.
Up in the mountains where
they live is a lush forest with
a dense understory. The population of the
Giant panda is one hundred
in captivity and about one
thousand in the wild. Why are they endangered? The first reason why the are endangered
is that people have urbanized the areas where the Giant panda lives. the second reason why they are endagered is that humans hunt them for thier pelts which can go for one thousand dollers in the black market. Interesting facts -The Chinese call the panda
the "Big Bear Cat"
-At one year of age, the pandas
are already climbing trees
-Giant pandas teeth are seven
times bigger that human teeth
-Giant pandas sit or lay down
while they eat Why is it important to save
the species? One reason why it is important
to save the species is that it is a huge
natural conservation symbol.
Another reason, the Giant Panda
spreads bamboo and other seeds.
The last reason why we need to
protect the Giant Panda is, that it
brings tourists to China and also
money. Possible solutions to help
the species survive You can help in many ways!
The first thing you can do is
donate money. The second
thing you can do is make room
for the to live! Don't cut down
a forest to build a house, just buy
and reuse. You can just simply
reduse the things you use every
day!!!! What would happen if
they became extinct? -The bamboo might over grow
and choke out it's neighboring
-Humans might not care any more
about the forest now that the panda
is gone and start cutting it down. References -Answers.com
-Panda.org The Giant Panda By Olivia VandePol (Ailuropoda Melanoleuca)
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