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50 Pictures of the 70's

No description

Decades Project

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of 50 Pictures of the 70's

Kent State Massacre Jonestown Star Wars Floppy disk This is a picture of Vietnam war which lasted from 1959 - 1975. It was the South Vietnam with the U.S. against North Vietnam or the Viet Cong Here you see the iconic picture of a
student mourning over the loss of a
friend Here is a picture of the infamous tragedy
of the Jonestown Massacre This is a famous picture
of the Star Wars franchise This is a Floppy disk.
A flexible disk that is used for storing
data. The 70's in 50 pictures By: Kayden Fujio, Chase Thompson, Jordan Sliney, and Troy Willis Vietnam War Atari This is one of the first gaming consoles and it was very popular when it was released Bell Bottom Jean Bell bottom jeans were huge
trend in the 1970's Laval Lamps Laval lamps were huge back in
the 70's they are an iconic thing
of the 70's Roe v. Wade Roe v. Wade was a case about
abortion and the 14th Admenment Affirmative Action Affirmative Action was know as positive discrimination giving under privileged groups a chance at education and work Mood Rings This is a mood ring. its colors change depending on the mood of the person wearing it. Platform Shoes Platform Shoes were just one of the many fads of the 1970's that we may think are crazy now. Apollo 13 Apollo 13 was was the seventh manned mission in the American Apollo space program and the third intended to land on the Moon VCR A VCR is a videocassette recorder. It can record audio and video from broadcast television onto a magnetic tape videocassette, so it can be watched at a different time. Walkman A walkman was the iPod of the 1970's. It allowed people to listen to cassettes wherever by carrying the small lightweight cassette player (the Walkman) and a pair of head phones. Retail Barcodes A barcode is a machine readable representation of data relating to the object it is attached. The Wall Pink Floyd releases one of the most famous CD's In history. The Wall Leisure suit The leisure suit was popular in the 70's because of it's high blend of colors and patterens The Halter Top The Halter Top was a womens shirt with the entire back missing, only pulled together by a knot. Kaftan This is an ankle cut dress with a V curve in the front. This dress traveled all the way down to the feet and sometimes knees Granny Dress A fad followed more by the average woman than the disco dancer, this style of dress buttons up the front and features a high neckline and a collar with laced edges. The dress was made of a fabric with soft floral patterns and the length generally reached to below the knee. Etch-a-sketch 3 Mile Island The Etch-a-Sketch is a toy that allows you to draw pictures using two knobs that guide a stylus inside of it. The stylus scrapes off aluminum powder coating the screen. The Three Mile Island Accident was when one of the nuclear reactors on Three Mile Island had a melt down this made many people want to protect the environment. 1973 Oil Crisis Post-It-Notes The first Post-it-note was created in 1974 by an inventor who couldn't keep his book open. The Rubiks Cube The rubiks cube, still around today, is a game consisting of strategy and basic knowledge Roller Blades The first roller blades were invented by two twins (from Connecticut), the idea started by tying a shoe to a skate. This idea became iconic. Disposable Lighters The first disposable lighter was created by BIC In 1973 since this was invented smoking increases by 24% Pocket Calculator The first pocket calculator was invented in 1971 when all other calculators were much bigger than they are now. Laser Printer The laser printer is a normal printer but inside has lasers. This is advanced for quicker printing and scanning The Big Red Machine The Cincinnati Reds have won consecutive world series titles from 1975 to 1976 being named the most dominant team in all of sports of the 70's The first cell phone The first cell phone was used on April 3, 1973 and it was an advancement in technology because it was a new way to communicate Mountain Dew Mountain Dew was bought by Pepsi in 1964, but became the top beverage in 1972 The Jackson Five The Jackson Five consisted of 5 siblings who were amazing performers which Included the late Michael Jackson In 1973 and 1979, there was a huge oil shortage. Gas prices were extremely high and the lines for gas were sometimes miles long. Bob Marley Bob Marley was a popular reggae singer in the 1970's. He had many spiritual songs and songs where he sang about groups of people gaining freedom.
Some of his songs include Buffalo Soldier, Redemption Song, Road to Zion, and Exodus Lego Blocks Even though they came to America in the 60's,
They were a big fad in the 1970's and are now a full blown company to entertain kids. Cesar Chavez Cesar Chavez was a reformer who helped the immigrant farm workers get the correct pay, working conditions, and respect they deserved.
Biafra surrenders after 32-month fight for independence from Nigeria, January 12, 1971 Terrorist Attack on Munich During 1972 Olympics In the middle of the night, at the 1972 Olympics, terrorists snuck into the Jewish team housing. They shot and killed 2 of the people and kidnapped the rest. After 21 hours of negotiation and a failed rescue attempt, the terrorists killed the kidnapped and been arrested. Apollo 17 Biafran War The first lottery token The first lottery token, was invented in 1976. It looked like a silver dollar and was used to purchase nothing but lottery picks. Whiffle Ball The first whiffle balls were invented in 1978 by a group of kids who didnt have enough money for a actual baseball. It later became even more more popular Play-Doh Play-Doh, was invented as a cooking ingredient. The chef messed it up and made one of the most fun creations ever. Air Hockey In 1971 Air hockey was created and became so popular it had it's own tournament in 1973. In 1970, the Nerf ball was introduced as the "world's first official indoor ball", the name "Nerf" being a slang term for the foam padding used in off-road racing. Nerf Afro The afro was a hot trend in the 70's due to its length and creative look. Earth Day April 22, 1970 can be considered the birth of the modern environmental movement also known as Earth Day. Disco Music Disco music was extremely popular in the 1970's and early 80's, but soon after it was no longer very important. Hippies (Peace) Hippies were frequent in the 1970's. They listened to psychedelic rock and did many different kinds of drugs to "expand their conciousness." They were all about love and peace. BMX (motocross) BMX started in the early 1970's. It is a form of racing special bicycles around obstacles, usually performed on a dirt track. Apollo 17 was the last manned mission to the moon, even though more trips were planned the public lost interest after the landing because of more concerning topics like the Vietnam war.
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