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Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Energy Conference 2011

Catacel Corp.'s Presentation for FCHE in Washington D.C.

Nicole Greenway

on 15 February 2012

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Transcript of Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Energy Conference 2011

Catacel’s core expertise is forming and coating metal foils with catalysts or other reaction materials

Coated foil materials are both catalytic and heat exchanging. Foils deliver more heat transfer and reaction surface area, without settling, fracturing or crushing

Superior Heat Exchange means:
Increased process throughput
Decreased energy consumption
Smaller, lighter, lower cost reactors, reformers, combustors
Longer lifetime
Lower plant costs Catalyst Difference Traditional Catalyst Catacel metal foil catalyst Catalytic & Heat Exchanging Materials Catalyst Materials Fecralloy Foils Forming & Coating SSR Stackable Structural Reactor HEP Heat Exchange Platform Custom Solutions Blue Chip Relationships Thank You!

Booth # 620

How can we help you? Don Lensner
Sales & Marketing Manager Catacel Materials Are Used In... Hydrogen Production Industry Core Problem: limited throughput

Center pellets not in contact with tube wall where heat is applied

Limited heat transfer restricts catalysis & throughput

Pellets crush to powder inhibiting flow & robbing energy Core Value: 30% more Throughput

Superior heat transfer drives increased reaction

Engineered to optimize flow

2.5x more surface area results in much longer life

Result: more production from existing plant
Fuel Cells Bloom Energy Capital savings - $10mm on $100mm plant

More throughput - 20%-30% in existing plants

Lower energy costs - $1mm/year savings on $1.3 mm investment

Longer replacement intervals - 14 vs. 7 years
Reforming common fuels into hydrogen

System startup devices

Clean-up and heat recovery from tailgas

Design and build components for a major Solid Oxide Fuel Cell manufacturer
Catacel is a member of the Ohio Fuel Cell Coalition

Catacel President, William Whittenberger elected Chairman of Board of Directors

The Ohio Fuel Cell Coalition is a united group of industry, academic, and government leaders working collectively to strengthen Ohio’s fuel cell industry and to accelerate the transformation of the region to global leadership in fuel cell technology. Carbon Capture Applications Carbon dioxide constitutes about 84% of total U.S. greenhouse gas emission.

Nearly 98% of all CO2 emission sources in the US are energy related.

Generally, power plants have the highest density of CO2 emissions. Catacel’s technology will provide a durable and cost-effective platform for capturing CO2 post combustion.

Flue gases are exposed to sorbent materials efficiently, at minimal pressure drop.

Heat transfer properties enable efficient regeneration of the surfaces.
Catacel's Role in Carbon Capture Gas-to-Liquid Applications Recovery of stranded natural gas from drilling platforms, traditionally flared

Synfuel from coal and bio waste

Custom Catacel Reactors Traditional Catalysts Catacel Catalysts Economic Concept 20-30% benefit on throughput or reactor size or,

20-30% decrease in energy consumption

2x or more catalyst lifetime Military Applications Members Include:

Battelle Memorial Institute
Delphi Corporation
First Energy
Lockheed Martin
NASA Glenn
NexTech Materials
Rolls-Royce APU’s (Auxiliary Power Unit) for diesel truck
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