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4C: 2.RF.4.6

No description

Maribel Masoodi

on 21 May 2018

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Transcript of 4C: 2.RF.4.6

Read multip-syllabic words composed of roots, prefixes, and suffixes; read contractions, possessive, and compound words.

Compare and contrast versions of the same stories from different authors, time periods, or cultures from around the world.

4C: 2.RF.4.6 & 2 RL.4.2
Now you will be the bee and write the fly back!
Bee! I'm Expecting You!
Contraction Bingo
1. 3 finger indenting each paragraph.
2. You have a simile, metaphor, and an idiom.
3. Finger spacing between each word.
4. Make all your letters fat.
Last day to finish your essay, "My Mom"!
Global Cinderella
2. Computers:
3. Listen to story (blue table):
4. Write your Pen Pal ( at your desk):
5. Read to Self (Alphabet rug)
6. Scrabble (round table):
7. Comprehension Game (center):
1. Cranium (stool):
Lily, Levi, & Madden
Alana, Ryland, & Sir
Aria, Cara, & Preston
Marissa & Besty
Cooper, Bella, & Mak
Mallory, Leo, & Hana
Hallie, Sofia, & Mootii
Once you turn it in, you will begin this craft.
1. Get a flower pot and write on the lines why you love your mom!

2. Glue the flower pot to your construction paper.

3. With a pencil trace your hand above the flower pot.
Now let's fill in the Venn diagram together.
Let's read chapter 6! Will Alex make it home?
As we read I want you to draw an illustration of chapter 6.
We will write 3 things about how the two fairytales are similar. Then with a friend you two must find 3 details that are unique to each story.
Today we get to read chapter 7.

As we listen to chapter 7 I want you all to imagine you are Alex. How do you feel? What is the first thing you want to do when you are home? How do you think your parents feel? What is the first thing your parents want to do.

I also want you to draw a family portrait. Do a nice job. I want to be able to see all the family members, the setting with great details.
"Creatures of the Deep"
"Sailboat Challenge"
1. Finish your poster & note cards. I will record you tomorrow.

2. You will create the sturdiest boat possible. We will see which boat can hold the most weight! Materials are all in your zip lock bag. You can decorate it with your markers, crayons, or color pencils. (tape, glue, foil, popsicle sticks, straws, note cards, cups, rubber bands)

3. Clean up your mess once you are done, Extra material goes in your zip lock bag. Then, you will check in with Mrs. Gentry or me. We will give weights and tell you which pool to test at. once you have tested you must write down the amount of weight your boat was able to hold.

4. Once you clean up you can play on the playground until everyone else finishes up testing their boat.
We will find 3 similarities that the two stories share. Then all by yourself you will find 3 differences for each story.
We will be interviewing our fathers.
What you need to do is write these questions down:

1. What is your father's name?
2. When was your father born?
3. Where was your father born?
4. Is your father the oldest, middle, or youngest sibling?
5. What job does your dad have?
6. What hobbies does your father have?
7. What is your father's favorite food?
8. What is your father's favorite show?
9. What is your father's biggest accomplishment?
10. What is your father's biggest fear?
Then, place these questions in your hanging file . I will send it home tomorrow, so you can ask your dad these questions.
Finally, think about a fun time you had with your father. We will write about his tomorrow!
(Thurs. Writing 10:30-11am)
You will get a bingo sheet, so we can start playing!
(Wed. ELA 8:45am-10am)
Wednesday Start of the Day:
Kids walk in at 8:15am.
1. Kids will put backpacks away.
2. Kids will turn in folders (Kaidence & Anabelle will do this).
3. Kids will turn in popsicle sticks (lunch orders).
4. Kids pick out 2-4 books, and place them in their desk tubs.
5. Kids read quietly until 8:45am.
1. Take lunch count (Chloe & Chuck can help with).
2. Take attendance (Maya & Connor can help with this).
3. Help kids carefully place health fair projects on the table in the alphabet rug area.
Place Health Fair projects on the table in the alphabet rug area.
Thursday Start of the day:
Kids come in at 8:15am.
1. Put backpack in closet.
2. Place folders in tub (Kaidence & Anabelle take care of this).
3. Place popsicle sticks in correct lunch cup order.
4. Pick out 2-4 books and place them in your desk tub.
5. Read quietly until 8:45am.
1. Take attendance (Maya & Avner will help you with this).
2. Take lunch count ( Chloe & Chuck can help you with this).
3. Help kids with Health Fair project coming in. Carefully place them on the table on the alphabet rug.
Do your best!
Health Fair Presentations
Let's listen to chapter 8 & 9 now. As you listen you will draw an illustration of Alex and his family.
Once we are done with Chapter 9 will will watch the next part of the movie!
Creatures from the Deep
Let's finish our Creatures of the Deep report.
The Sneetches
The Butter Battle Book
Mo Williams
The Pigeon Needs a Bath
Don't Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late
As a group at your table you will figure out what the stories have in common and their differences.
The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig
The Three Little Javelinas
by Eugene Trivizas & Helen Oxenbury
by Susan Lowell
My Dad
What is your dad's name? How old is your father? When is your father's birthday? Where was your father born? What hair color does your father have? What eye color does your father have? What job does your father have? What is your father's favorite food? What is your father's favorite candy? What is your father's favorite drink? What is your father's favorite music? How are you and your father alike?
With your table partners you will complete your venn diagram. You MUST have 4 details in each section. Work as a team.
We are going to write a quick write for Mrs. Combs! We need to do our best!
I have your interview questions. Make sure to ask your dad these questions tonight. This will be your second paragraph.
Compound Words
Let's play memory with a friend. First, each of you will create 10 different compound words. You each will write each half of the word on a card. Then, you two will face them all down and find the pairs. Person with the most matches will earn $1.00.
there their they're
You and your buddy's turn!
You must create 3 sentences for each one (there, their, they're)!
Let's continue writing our story about a Fun Birthday Party!!
As you listen to chapter 14 you need to answer a few true or false questions for this chapter.
Let's take out our interview questions we asked our fathers. This will become your second paragraph.
What day was the birthday on? Where was it? Describe it completely. What noise do you hear? Music? What people are there? What do you see? Balloons? Bounce house? What do you think about this birthday party? How do you feel about this birthday party?
1st paragraph
2nd paragraph
What were the people doing? What did they say? What did you do? Tell me EVERYTHING that happen at the party.
3rd paragraph:
Think of something fun you do with your dad. What is it? Where do you do it? How do you do it? When do you do it? Who is all present? How often do you do it? Why is it fun? Do you wish you could do it more often? Why?
3rd paragraph:
What time did the party end? Once people left what did you do? What was your favorite part of the party? Why was it your favorite party? Do you want to have a party like this again? Why?
What do you think will happen?
Let's read chapter 16 now!
Let's listen to some great stories!
Everyone will get a basket of books and your job is to make sure it is organized.
Your basket will be organized by theme, author, or level.
Once you figure out how it is organized make sure all the books match. When you think you have it let me check.
Next we will clean out our desks.
I will give you a target bag. You must write your name on your bag. You will place everything in your target bag. The only thing that will stay in your desk is your pencil box and your math journal book.
Next, we need to make sure all the math stuff is organized. Make sure the correct items are in the correct bin, tub, or shelf.
Memorial Day
Memorial Day is a federal holiday celebrated annually on last Monday in May. It is a day to honor and remember brave men and women of the US armed forces that sacrificed their life to protect and defend our nation's right to freedom.

It was first observed on May 30, 1868. Not until 1882 did the country did they call it Memorial Day. In 1967 it became a federal holiday. Another tradition created by professor Moina Michaels was to wear poppies. This was due to her poem, "In Flander Fields".

In December 2000, former US President Bill Clinton signed the 'The National Moment of Remembrance Act'. The law requires all Americans to observe a minute of silence at 3:00 pm (local time) to honor the heroes that have sacrificed their lives for the safety and freedom of the country.
So this Memorial Day, be sure to stop whatever you are doing at 3:00 pm and take a minute or two to thank the brave men and women who are no longer around to enjoy the day with their families.
Cindy Ellen
(Take an AR quiz too)
The Rough Face Girl
Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters
African Cinderella Story
Native American Cinderella Story
We will compare and contrast these two stories.
The One and Only Ivan
The One and Only Ivan
We will compare and contrast these two stories
Cinder - Elly
Let's see if Ivan keeps his promise to Stela.
Let's read on and find out Ivan's plan!
Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig
Three Javelinas
4 4 4
Will Ivan and Ruby get out?
Will Julia help them out?
Will Ruby be okay?
Open your book to page 144.

1. practice two times
2. record
3. centers
Tuesday & Wednesday
The Golden Sandal
(Middle East)
Prince Furball
Mother's Day Essay
We must now finish our essays. I need you to......
1. Finish writing it.
2. Check to make sure sound correct.
3. Make an illustration.
4. Turn it in.
Wed. & Thurs.
Yeh - Shen: Chinese Cinderella
Boat Challenge:
Now everyone will have 15 minutes to make last improvements on their boats. We will go outside and see how much weight your boat can hold before sinking.
Friday, May 11, 2018
(Each kid has a ziplock bag with extra materials.)
Dear Kindergartener,

My name is ________! First grade is ______. In room 9 we_____________. Mrs. Masoodi makes us _________________. Also in room 9 we ______________________. I really like when we ________________. When you are in first grade make sure to _________. Make sure you_______ too! You will have so much fun with Mrs. Masoodi.

A soon to be second grader,
Your name

4 things about 1st
2 or 3 things they can do to make 1st grade easier.
Dr. Seuss themed

A soon to be 2nd grader,
your name
Joe Cinders
Fanny's Dream
Cinderella Sheleton
Very Little Cinderella
Pear Blossom
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