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The Moyers Analysis

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temy trouble

on 17 March 2014

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Transcript of The Moyers Analysis

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
The Moyers Analysis
Orthodontic assessment in the mixed dentition is achieved by an analysis formed using the patient's age and dental cast review.
Aids in early detection of available space permitting early intervention and minimizes development of malocclusion.
Prediction of the M-D widths of the unerrupted canines and premolars is an essential part of the tooth size-arch length analysis during the mixed dentition period.
Space Analysis
1st permanent molars and permanent incisors are erupted
The succedaneous permanent teeth are forming
Size relationship between unerrupted permanent teeth and primary teeth
There is size difference in primary canines and molars and the succedaneous teeth
M-D width of the primary canines and molars is more that permanent teeth (leeway space of nance)
Step 4:
Advantages & Disadvantages
Has minimal systemic errors
can be repeated, hence reliable
simple and not time consuming
requires no special instruments or radiographic projections
can be used for both arches

Mathewson R, Primosch R. Fundamentals of pediatric dentistry. 3rd edition; 30-33.
Marwah N. Textbook of pediatric dentistry. Jaypee; 299-307.
Contemporary Orthodontics - William Proffit- 4th edition.
Buwembo W, Luboga S. Moyer's method of mixed dentition analysis; a meta-analysis. African Health Sciences 2004; 4: 63-66.
Text book of Orthodontics - Smaire E Bishara.
Moyer's Mixed Dentition Analysis
1) Dental Cast
2) Boley's gauge
3) Probability Chart
measure widths of each of four permanent maxillary and mandibular incisors
Total the M-D width of the incisors of each jaw separately
Using the prediction chart for the space available in each arch, locate the value closest to the sum of the incisors added using 75% confidence level
measure the M-D width of the upper insicors plus the first molar on the right side then repeat for the left side.
Step 5:
measure the M-D width of the lower incisors plus the first molar on the right side then repeat for the left side.
Step 6
compare the above M-D width (Space Available) with the M-D width of the incisors along with the predicted dimensions from the chart (Space required).
Final Step:
Moyer's analysis is a probability analysis
does not account for the tipping of the insicors
may have population variations
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