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Brainstorming: Discovery and Exploration

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Jennifer Horrace

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of Brainstorming: Discovery and Exploration

Brainstorming: Discovery and Exploration
Each person has their own way of brainstorming. No matter the project everyone brainstorms differently. What follows are merely guidelines for how to develop your world, your characters, and your plot and scenes in your future book.
Character Brainstorming
Things to consider:

Characters (We'll go into more depth next week.)
Conflict and Plot (We'll go into more depth next week.)
Character Relations
Protagnonist vs Antagonist
Secondary Characters
Family and Relationship maps

Character Development
Character development will not only help shape your book but your book will help shape your characters. Many writers have said that their characters sometimes take a life of their own and writers find their characters doing something that the author never expected.

When starting out, its better to select one aspect listed above or one that comes to you and build off of that
Sometimes your brainstorming on one aspect will lead you into others. Don't be afraid to write notes as they come to you.
Another Tip
If you run into a snag or can't develo your map any further, don't be afraid to start a second map for brainstorming before you've finished a previous one.
Example Plot Map
A good example of a plot map will
clearly show the rise in action,
climax, and falling action of a story.

This example also includes an area
for story setting and overall theme
of the story.
Filled in Example
This type of sheet is good
for developing character
Example Two
Web Resources
NANOWRIMO Website: www.nanowrimo.org
NANOWRIMO Unofficial LiveBinder Site:
Great Site for Character Names
Keep in mind Wikipedia can be edited by everyone. Looking for facts on Wikipedia? Look at the External Sources at the bottom of the article.
Don't be afraid of posting on the NANOWRIMO Forums. They are an excellent source of input for every from the weather in San Francisco to which side of the street they drive on in Cairo.
Any Question?
Developing Your World
Things to consider:

Genre: What genre you use influence your novel but if you aren't sure what genre it is, write it anyway! Lots of authors don't know what genre the book will fit in until the end.
Setting: Era and Location can have large influences on your book. Do some research
Common Examples include:
Sword and Sorcery/Adventure aka Lord of the Rings
Medieval Times aka King Arthur
Alternative History: The Watchmen
Historical: 300 (loosely mind you)
Romance: Christine Feehan
Non-Fiction: Anne Franks
Sci-Fi: Star Trek
And Many Many More


It is a good idea to get at least a basic idea of your world in the pre planning stage. Rules of the environment will help shape your book. You can't plot at trip without a map!
Example One
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