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No description

jasmin muker

on 13 January 2013

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Transcript of lol

Ethical Issues Target Market Media Costs MuchMusic Video Awards Competitors SWOT Analysis Celebrity Endorser Trends & Forecasts Brief Intro Global & Local Effects Impact on Industry PEST Analysis
•would never get old
•we should always expect bow ties
•we might see a bit of neon as celebrities like standing out
•high thigh slits are mostly liked by viewers so they will occur more
•long dresses with slits will be popular as well
•high heels
•boots Statistics •700 employees have to work to put a show together for a total of 14,000 hours and have to stay in touch with each other on 300 walkie-talkies
•4098 pictures were shared of the MuchMusic Video Awards, 33, 703 links related to MMVA's were shared and 133,710 tweets were posted •there are time when celebrities are seen wearing unethical clothing
•in 2011 co-host Selena Gomez was known as a Disney star that was wearing revealing clothes
•effects brand image
•lost viewers/fans •have the same concept as MMVA but are aired on different channels
•big competitors as it not only focuses on the music industry but also different celebrities in tv shows & movies
•different award designs every year
•tightened target market
•Big competitor as their main focus is also towards the music industry
•Trophy is an astronaut symbol
•More known because they are aired on the same channel as Oscars and Grammies
•Contest that gives Canadians a chance to win a prizes
•Indirect- not an event that collides with MMVA but still takes away sales
•Many people take advantage of it because they can be the “lucky” ones
•MuchMusic channel is very well known and portrays a good reputation of music
•competitive advantages
•sponsors provide the event with different types of resources
•famous celebrities have reached the fanatics base
•narrow product line
•time consuming-set up
•not unique in terms of designing the trophy
•job opportunities
•strategic alliance
•expanding target market
•use of new technology-not reliable
•increased competition
•weather conditions
•shift in consumers taste Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Political Economic Social Technology •most popular MMVA
•government policy
•all cultures can enjoy the event •global recession •harm audience ears
•summer event
•more fans attending every year •updating music equipment •18 year old "teen" singer
•attracts a wide range of fans (known as Beliebers)
•celebrity attributes
•clean and positive image
•has worked with other popular singers
•most of his profit comes from tours Justin Bieber •• • •• •MuchMusic Video Awards are held by Canadian music and video channel MuchMusic
•were first held in 1990 and now are held annually in downtown Toronto
•are organized to award a variety of categories that involve music
•free cost in which ages 14+ can attend
•sponsors Overview Teen Choice Awards Dose MTV Video Music Awards Bow Ties Neon High Thigh Slits Shoes Brief Introduction Target Market Main Players Trends and Forecasts Celebrity Endorser Media Costs Ethical Issues Impact on Industry Global and Local Effects Competitors SWOT Analysis PEST Analysis Statistics Magazine Ad In the News Magazine Ad Main Players •famous for their recent song "Sexy and I Know it"
•performance was very entertaining at the event
•liked by many fans and known as "music designers"
•have won 13 awards this year, one of which he won at MMVA 2012
•they sell a LMFAO singing toothbrush LMFAO •took part in Canadian Idol's season five competitions
•had a surprising entrance in a Ford Mustang
•Call Me Maybe song had over 300 million views on youtube
•won 13 awards that year and 3 of those awards were from MMVA 2012
•Carly Rae Jepsen has officially stolen the hearts of Canadians everywhere. And she was wearing them on her chest last night at the Much Music Video Awards.” (huffingtonpost.ca) Carly Rae Jepsen •targets all fans of the artists
•low income
•targets all genders and races
•location - people that are closer to the event Demographics Psychographics Geographics •all fans are out going and love music passionately
•targeted to people who are willing to act on their love for music and come to the event to be closer to their favourite artists
•ambitious and compassionate people •event mainly targets people that live around the area where the event is being taken place
•Canadian people or others that live nearby ( Americans) Behavior •fanatics behavior is exciting to watch because you can see how passionate the fans are when they see their favourite artist
•fans are passionate about the music they listen to as well as love the singer •the awards ceremony took place in downtown Toronto
•was more of a street party that took place at the MuchMusic World Headquarters
•Laura Del Giacco designed the wristbands and were given out to all the fans that were attending the event
•MMVA is one of the best award show as it has the best fans •the MMVA had a huge impact on the music industry and raised awareness for many of the artists at the event
•event gives all the artists a chance to win awards that can increase the number of fans
•can create a better reputation for the artists so they can have bigger opportunities to get deals with sponsors
•looking at celebrity performances can influence your taste in clothing and make you buy it
•increases product awareness Commercial Thank you for listening... •total viewers 2468
•men (1182)
•women (1286) Cineplex Magazine Tribute Magazine •total viewers 1865
•men (942)
•women (922)
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