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PGCE Blogs

Blended Learning for for Trainee Teachers - New Opportunities, New Challenges

Miles Berry

on 2 May 2011

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Transcript of PGCE Blogs

Reflection and Identity

ITE Students'
ICT Blogs Miles Berry & John Lodge
Schoool of Education
Roehampton University Literature Papert Wenger Hramiak, Boulton & Irwin A little history... Methodology Our Students Lessons Learnt Their Blogs Kearawalla, Minocha,
Kirkup & Conole Learning Community Identity Meaning Practice Learning as doing Learning as belonging Learning as experience Learning as becoming Student Feedback "It made me more motivated to do the readings and reflect more deeply on my personal ideas and beliefs." "I found it really useful and can see how a similar forum would be great to use for children's work diaries." "I loved using blogger as a medium for recording work from the sessions ... As a user of social networking sites, I felt that it was much nicer having a blog than recording work in an essay or presentation." "An unhelpful learning experience because a blog only works well when other users interact with it in order to share and expand ideas. This has not occurred here, it has simply been used as a tool for checking that we have done the work - a rather Big Brotherish approach that does not show any trust towards us as future professionals." Relevance CC by www.wordle.net Technical issues... Community Ownership Scope Reflective Practice Practitioner action research Mixed methods A rich source Identity / persona ? Sammons, Day, Kington
Gu, Stobart & Smees eg http://etippeltsarah.blogspot.com/ Personal Social Professional
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