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How Do animals get there energy.

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humaira agha

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of How Do animals get there energy.

How Do animals get there energy.
Plants and animals
Where do plants get there energy.
Plants and animals are nearly the same thing because both need water, air, sunlight, and food to survive. But have you ever wondered were they get there energy from? No, well your about to find out.
Where do animals get their energy?
Animals get their energy from the sun too. Although the most important energy source is the sun but they mostly get it from there food and water. Well basically they do need it from the sun but the most energy giving is their food and water.
Where do Mammals get their energy?
Some mamals get thir energy from the water and their food also some mammals get their food from the sun, water, and their food. Oxogyn too!
Where do reptiles get their energy?
Reptiles are like close friends to mammals and animals. All of them get their energy from the sun, water, their food, and air to have energy with them.
By Hassan and Jacob
How do animals get there energy?
This project is about how animals get their energy from and whoever is reading this we hope you get some information about where they get there energy from.

Some websites we found...

Hoped it helped!

Hoped it helped you understand where animals and plants get there energy from!
Plants get there energy a
lot of places but the most source where they get there energy is the SUN! Other energy sources the plants use is carbon dioxide, water, and definitely the sun.
Where do humans get their energy from?
Humans get their energy from the same things the animals get their energy from their food, water oxygen, and the sun.
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