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Quinceneras VS Sweet 16's

No description

Gillian Olsen

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of Quinceneras VS Sweet 16's

Quinceneras &
Sweet 16's By: Jaynie Castillo &
Gillian Olsen Quinceneras Similarities &
Differences Video..... Similarities All Latin American countries celebrate the rite of passage of a girl into womanhood, although the name can vary from Quinceañero to Quinceañera or just “Quince”. Dancing Ultima Muneca (Last Doll) Ceremony of Candles Change of the Shoe Tiara Ceremony Passing the Torch Shoe Ceremony Sweet 16's On a very nice, decorated pillow, there lays a sparkling
tiara. The now a young woman's mother places the tiara
on her daughter's head to symbolize her becoming a young woman. Like a quincenera, sweet 16's also involve a shoe
ceremony. But the difference is with sweet 16's
you can wear heels when ever you want before you
turn 16. The point is that you start the party out
in flats and then towards the end everyone gathers
around and watches your father change your flats
to heels. Passing the torch isn't anything like passing a
torch literally. In reality your mother, (god
mother, grandmother, etc.) passes down
heirlooms from your great grandmother and
hers and so on. These heirlooms can include
various pieces of jewelry. Change of the shoe means when the girl
changes from flat shoes to high heels. So a
very close family member slips her new
(first pair) of high heels. Also a family
member or some one close puts the crown
on her head. Quincenera doll. The Ultima Muneca is the very last
doll she gets. It looks like the quincenera (usually wearing the same dress the girl is wearing on her special night. This means it's the re-announcement of the doll as she enters womanhood. Like the change of shoe, it resembles
entering maturity. The girl delivers fifteen candles to people who she thinks/considers were most influential in her development during her fifteen years. Usually they also have a speech, for the people who have a candle. This ceremony represents the tree of life, it symbolizes the 15 years the girl has left behind. Each candle represents
a memory or moment she's shared with those people Traditionally, mexican girls are not
aloud to dance in public until they're 15.
Which means that they cant dance at
family events, school dances, or anything
else.So dancing with her Chambelanes is
the girls first public dance ever.
This video is a mix of a both cultures involving a quincenera and a sweet 16. This is just one of the ways you can design your party. 1. Both have a grand opening for when the guest of honor arrives at the party.
2. They both have father daughter dances.
3. Each one has a toast, dancing, a big dinner, and finally the candle ceremony.
4. Both wear dresses.
5. both receive shoes and a tiara. Sweet 16's were originally a way of
saying that a woman was officially on the
market of marriage, they also help show
that a woman is old enough to drive & get a
job. Sweet 16 parties were originated in
England during the 17th century
but only for the royals A little History..... Random Facts! -Big poofy dresses
-Things to entertain
the crowd.
- Goes all out
-Different foods
-Presents: Clothes,
Money, Jewelery. -Dress up big but
not too big.
-Usually house parties.
-Go all out
-Presents: Cars, and
mostly stuff that
symbolizes becoming
a woman, sometimes
skips a party and
goes on a trip
-Shoe Exchange
-Candle Ceremony
-Tradition Quinceneras Same Sweet 16's Popular U.S. quinceañera website (www.quincegirl.com) reports 33 percent of quinceañeras prefer a gift card as the gift of choice for her Quinceñero. Gift cards ranked number one, followed by 20.44 percent of the respondents selecting fine jewelry.
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