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Books for middle school students

No description

tyler hurt

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of Books for middle school students

Some of the authors we came up with were because of books we heard of and book that we like. Also we found them by books that we have read in the past. One last reason why we chose were because they are famous and have written many books.
Books for Middle School Students
Books for Middle School Students

By: Tyler Hurt
Zachary Guertin
Caleb Harrell
Mike Lupica
Mike Lupica is a great athor in my opinoin. He mostly writes books about sports and action. Also his books main cahracters arer mid-aged teenagers. Another thing is that he gets his ideas from kids. Most of the themes in his story's is never give up.

List of Books
Hunger Games-Susan Collins
Two Hot Dogs With Everything- Mike Lupica
Heat- Mike Lupica
Hoops- Walter Dean Hobbs
Hobbit- J.J. R Tolkien
Maze Runner- James Dashner
Percy Jackson- Rick Riorden
Harry Potter- J.K Rowling
The Game- Evin Marc Katz
Divergent- Veroniuca Roth

We got our books from books that we have already read. Also popular books, like ones that have got many awards (Nobel Peace Prize). Another way we found our books is from other people.
List of Authors
Susan Collins-Hunger Games
Lemony Snicket-The Reptile Room
Walter Dean Myers-Hoops
Mike Lupica-Heat
Brandon Mull-Wild Born
Gary Paulsen-Hatchet
Tom Wood-Meltdown
John Green-Paper Town
J.J. R. Tolken-The Hobbit
Veronica Roth-Shards and Ashes
The Hunger Games
In the book The Hunger Games, Katniss Everdine volunteers for her little sister when she gets picked to be in the hunger games. She was getting a lot of respect from her mentor until he figureds out she was not really happy to be in the hunger games. After she is done trainnig she has to fight to the death.
We found our genres by reading multiple books of that same genre. Also by watching other powerpoints and prezis. All of our choices vary from Action, to Mystery.
Appropriate Genres

Genre Descriptioin
Action: Action is very suspensful at times and leasves you wondering.
Fantasy: Fantasy is magical and or fake.
Spotrs: Spotrs involve games and has competition.

Action- Hunger Games
Fantasy- Hobbit
Sports- Two Hot Dogs with Everything
Realistic-Fiction- Hoops
Fiction- Star wars
Books and Genres
I believe the purpose of this project is to show middle school students different books, genres and authors to look at. Also it is to help us students to understand what books fall into what genre. Another purpose is to allow us to see what kind of books are in the genre that we read.
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