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Weston James Brown

Auntie's Baby Shower

Whitney Revak

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Weston James Brown

By: Whitney Revak
As we sat at home, too excited to bear. We just got the phone call, Auntie was there! In the hospital, waiting… for our Christmas miracle to be there.
Nine short months ago we were told over dinner, putting together puzzle pieces, made by the new mother.
Grandma-ma cried, and Grandpa-pa smiled, knowing the next year will be very wild.
Sure enough, on the fourth of December, a little bit early, but absolutely no
trouble; Mommy who was tender gave birth to the gender, a very handsome baby boy.
He blinked his blue eyes, his short blond hair glistened, in his mommy’s arms as he listened and listened. Examining her voice and taking in her love, thinking to himself, I love my new mom!
Finally the miracle had arrived; all of mom’s worries had gone away, as she cuddled him very, very close that day.
Then we got the call, from daddy himself… “It’s a BOY!” He exclaimed “At 6:02 pm, 7 pounds!”
Weston James Brown, our newest family member, came into the world and woke up from his slumber.

Now today mommy’s getting the hang of things, getting better and better with the little sweet king.
We love him to pieces and thank Lord God, for his loving generosity with a new human being.
Love you Weston!
Love Your Cousin…Whitney Revak Our family Welcomed Weston James Brown into the world on December 4th 2012. Shea and Nolan got a new baby brother... Yay! A new baby
brother! Can he play
hockey and
football with
us?! Weston weighed in at... 7 pounds... And 21 inches... Shea holding his baby brother. A very big hit in the family, Weston is always being called over and passed along through the croud so somebody can hold him! But no worries, he loves being cuddled! Weston James Brown Thank you for coming to Jocelyn's baby shower! Drive safe on your way home. Weston's Auntie Jacquie. Weston's Mommy laying on her couch...going into labor! Weston's Daddy. Weston's Uncle Grant. Weston's Grandpa Jim. Weston's Grandma Jan Weston's big brother Shea. Weston's big brother Nolan. Weston's cousin Hayley. Weston's cousin Whitney. Has a big family! Bath time!! Weston James Brown Sploosh! Splash! Family photos... The three brothers posing with Santa. The whole family.
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