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Cardiff University - Data reporting and dissemination

PRES, PTES and UKES Officers' Event 07/07/15

on 6 July 2015

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Transcript of Cardiff University - Data reporting and dissemination

Data reporting and dissemination
PRES, PTES and UKES Officers' Event 2015
Alastair Masterton - Student Surveys and Communication Officer
28,000 students
Introduction of a College structure in 2012
3 Colleges, 26 Academic Schools
Survey fatigue
Survey audit
Creation of the Student Engagement Team
Contacting the relevant people
Student Surveys Briefing Event
Previously held annually for the NSS only
In 2015, showcased all surveys
Led by Pro Vice-Chancellor for Student Experience and Academic Standards
Opportunity to answer questions from staff in person
24/26 Schools attended
Briefing Pack
Handed out during event
Contained overview, timeline, question sets and promotional guidelines for each survey
Updated via Staff Intranet
FAQ section resulted in fewer questions from staff
Weekly Updates for Staff
Communication methods
Reporting methods
Reporting Methods
Creation of NSS dashboard in 2012 to help staff digest information better
Positive feedback led to standardised dashboard template for all surveys
Provided to Staff and Student Academic Reps
Easy to digest and provide a quick overview (000s of students)
Visual summary improves understanding and is easy to compare with previous years' data

1. Create template for dashboard
The problem...
Inconsistent communication with staff and students
Staff at all levels were unsure as to when surveys ran, who they were for (or who was invited), and their importance
Surveys with low response rates
Staff feeling that the results aren't valid
Issues around closing the feedback loop
Where we are today
Schools and SMT are fully aware of what surveys run, who they are for and when they will receive outcomes from the surveys.

More buy-in from staff at all levels for all surveys

Senior management are taking the results of all surveys seriously
Student Engagement Team - Registry and Academic Services
Alastair and team have also been exceptionally helpful in providing us with weekly breakdowns of the response rate by programme (something that was a nightmare to try and get hold of in the past!). This has been really useful so we can work with our programme teams to encourage the students to participate.
This is exactly
the sort of data that I was looking for so I really appreciate you sharing it with me.
As a note,
we really value the work that you all do - and the results of the survey are massively useful to us. We do use it, and it does make a difference.
Student Engagement Team - Registry and Academic Services
Thank you for listening!
Any questions?
Freetext comments
Analysed through categorisation
Summer student interns recruited annually; better placed to understand issues

All reporting finished within 4 weeks of close
Amended contact lists - change of structure
Appropriate dissemination of information - SMT & Deans
Shared mailbox
Eligible student lists for each survey
Shared with Senior Management and Staff in Academic Schools
Response rate updates
Promotional activity
The Solution...
Improving Our Communication Methods

Please feel free to contact us:

02920 876 173
Alastair Masterton
Increased response rates

Schools are looking forward to receiving their dashboards

Currently working with Schools to find out what they are doing as a result of receiving recent dashboards.

Fewer questions and complaints - much more positive feedback!
2. Extract raw data from survey platform and copy into template
3. Dashboards self-populate
First developed for the NSS
A template with a similar look and feel designed for all surveys
The template has been implemented across all our surveys
Freetext reporting example - the same across all surveys
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