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Newsela Marketing Project

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Jud3 F3rr@nt3

on 28 October 2016

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Transcript of Newsela Marketing Project

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Newsela Marketing Project
By: Jude Ferrante
Newsela Article
New study shows that 1 in 3 cancer deaths are caused directly from smoking cigarettes. Smoking is tied directly to a dozen different forms of cancer and as an estimated 40 million US citizens smoke, these cigarette induced cancer deaths will just rise. Even with all of the medical statistics and anti-smoking propaganda, the amount of smokers remains high largely due to the marketing ploys of those in the cigarette industry.
How it relates to Marketing
Smoking continues to be common throughout most of the United States. Despite the large scale marketing ploys of anti-smoking agencies. These agencies promote ads that highlight the dangers of smoking and try an put emphasis on how negatively it impacts your life and the life of loved ones. Medical advertisements are also a marketing ploy to end smoking. Cigarette companies must now display health warnings in an attempt that it may dissuade users from partaking.

Newslea Marketing Project

How it Relates to Marketing Cont.
Even though there is an abundance of anti-smoking campaign, smoking remains widespread. This is also largely due to the smoking companies that release their own advertisements going against the anti-smoking ones. This marketing method has thus far been working as smoking still remains a large problem in the United States.
The Newslea article on smoking relates to marketing because of the marketing ploys that both cigarette companies and anti-smoking campaigns use. These campaigns have a large influence on the consumer, often swaying their purchasing decisions. As long as cigarette companies market their product as they have in the past and present, the problem will persist.
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