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Gene Monahan

on 26 October 2016

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Transcript of WHAT?

On March 3rd, 1710, a wealthy plantation owner named William Byrd, described being a plantation owner and decides he is not working. William assigns him to work in the plantation and grow stuff such as tobacco. Most slavery actions began round the 1700s and the 1800s. It was so long ago, cameras weren't even invented yet.
WHAT were they used for?
Slaves were pushed to do human work at least for 12 full hours, per day. Slaves were poor. They didn't own much clothing, they didn't have much food during the days, and no care with their owner.
March 3rd, 1710
WHY were slaves wanted?
William Byrd wanted a slave to grow their crops, the slave would have to do whatever the owner says.
There is a ton of slavery captures and plantation all over the United States. In this story, Charles is originally from Maryland. William was is from Richmond, Virginia.
Thank you!
Credits: Google images
William Byrd and other plantation owners decides to get a slave. The slave's official name was Charles in this case. It started by William going out and pulling Charles by his shirt, back to the plantation in Georgia. After that, Charles was officially William's.
Slavery and Plantation owners!
were they caught?
did this happen?
were they captured?
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