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Facts abut Johnathan Rand

No description

peyton garrison

on 20 May 2015

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Transcript of Facts abut Johnathan Rand

Johnathan Rand was born 1964 November 24, today he is 50 years old. The first book of American Chillers came out in December , 2001. Johnathan Rand is the author of American Chillers for children and also books for young adults. Johnathan also has a camp called authors quest the camp is only four nights and they have fun and improve there reading and stuff.
Johnathan rand
Johnathan Rands life
Johnathan Rand Rand has three dogs named Scooby Boo, Lily Munster, and Spooky Dude. In 2007 Johnathan Rand became involved in animal cruelty, and documented the case on a website called Thors Warriors, it was a website that shows hidden animal abuse and some cruelty cases to public
my song
Johnathan Rand also has his own book store, called chiller mania which is located at 16 51 S. straits Highway Indian River Michigan.
Johnathan Rand Books
Johnathan Rand to start to write books in fact he created American Chillers Books and he wrote the one American Chillers book called New york ninjas.
RANDS Publication
Johnathan Rand has opted to self publish, and his wife originally drives to gas stations, restaurants, and gift shops to sell Rands books during 2003 Johnathan Rand sold over 1 million copies of the books.
watch my cool video of Johnathan
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