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The Journey

No description

on 1 January 2014

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Transcript of The Journey

Why Choose Me Again?
I always make spending time with residents a top priority and have their best interests in mind constantly
I make myself available to whatever they need.
I am confident in my abilities to harvest a safe and close community within the building
My Vision and Mission
To foster an identity in Christ inside every girl involved with the Journey; I would love for them to find their true identity in Him and be able to apply His promises to their lives as His precious children.

To create a safe community where everyone involved in The Journey feels empowered to follow Christ and confident in who they are as His children.
Strengths and Growth Areas
My Strengths: 1) Developer 2) Empathy 3) Achiever
4) Discipline 5) Belief

Growth Areas: Grew in all areas because I was able to test my limits and exercise my talents; I especially grew in discipline because I had to make sure I was making school and my residents my top priorities as well as leaving room for spontaneity
How I Have Grown as a Leader
Greater accountability
Pushed me to strive to be the best person I can be
Become more disciplined and confident
Become more patient and understanding of others
Past and Future Goals
Goals I achieved:
bonding with residents and really getting to know the majority of them on a personal, intimate level; the girls learned several of God's promises to them
Upcoming Goals:
creating a better sense of community between all of the suites and also giving them the tools they need to live lives as disciples of Christ
The Journey
My Vocation
To strengthen others through listening to them, giving them advice, and building them up however I can
Helpful HRL Tips
Behind Closed Doors
Various speakers during SLA portion, especially the "Beloved" speaker (Luke 3:21)
Spiritual Pathways, Strengths Quest, and Love Language quizzes
by Ariann Smith
Strategic Plan
Begin a club convo
Build community
Create disciples
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