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Storytelling Unit

No description

Joel Pardalis

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of Storytelling Unit

Storytelling The human action that passes on feelings or thoughts. Today, if often refers to an interactive experience between a teller and a listener. Share culture, beliefs, goals, values, events and traditions. Help preserve memory, explain our present, and imagine our future. There is no one definition of story or storytelling, but story is all around us, and it is simply our choice whom we chose as our storytellers. Our First Stories Anthropologists, psychologists, and historians believe storytelling has been with us since the beginning of our existence. Moral tales led to first codes or laws that ensured the harmony, cooperation and ultimately the success of early human populations. Explained significant and often confusing events such as storms, tidal waves, lightening and fire. Heroes and gods were used to bind individuals to common belief systems. The oldest stories told are myths, legends and folktales. As people struggled, they passed on stories of wisdom and knowledge they accumulated. Oral Tradition Passing on wisdom, knowledge and culture through the spoken word. One primary purpose is to preserve memory, helping the new generations to understand where they come and what they have accomplished. The oldest form of storytelling. Why tell stories? The Need to Tell Stories give us meaning. Memory is kept alive. Healing power of stories. Five Languages of Storytelling 1. Gesture 2. Language of Sound 3. Attitude 4. Listening to the Listener 5. Choice of Words
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