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Of Mice and Men - Tenant Farmers and Migrant Workers.

Inspiration for Steinback's novel.

Bryant Ju

on 11 April 2011

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Transcript of Of Mice and Men - Tenant Farmers and Migrant Workers.

Migrant Workers & Tenant Farmers So what the heck IS a Migrant Worker?

A worker that is migrant? Perhaps... A term used in the United States, to describe laborers who travel from place to place harvesting crops that must be picked as soon as they ripen. And so what's a Tenant Farmer?

A farmer that's....tenant? :/ A tenant farmer is like a migrant worker,
but they work in exchange for a
place to live or for food. So...these people are still here today...right? (: There are many people still living under this style of life today, and at first they start from a certain area and work up, but then go back down again as the seasons changes. People working as migrant workers are usually from other areas.

Tenant farmers and migrant workers live under poverty; they needed to wait until harvest to be able to make a living. When they didn’t have work, they would starve and not have any money for months. Are these people migrant workers? Yup. :D One Word. Scratch that.
3 Words. The Great Depression. Past Present
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