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Shang/Zhon Dynasty

No description

Lexi Robbins

on 2 February 2016

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Transcript of Shang/Zhon Dynasty

Shang/Zhou Dynasty
By Lexi Robbins Kinley Goins Emma Vacha
Science and technology
Some of the technology they created were the bronze technology . They also had the piece mold casting. These creations were shown in the pictures. They were created by the Shang-Zhou dynasty.
The Shang/Zhou dynasty had a social pyramid just like Mesopotamia. At the very bottom of their pyramid were the traders. They of course traded. Then their was the craftsmen as the next level up. Next their was the farmers and then the scholars. At the very top of the pyramid was the kings and priest.
The Shang grew millet, wheat, rice, and barley as food.
About more than 100 families lived together
The oldest male relative ruled the family
Men were more valuable than woman
The towns had walls for defense
They used bronze to make pots and other things
~Jobs in Shang Society
While most workers were farmers, there were also nobles, soldiers, bronzeworkers, sculptors, architects, painters, potters, priests, and slaves.
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