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Case Study of Orbit Records

About the background and the history of development of Orbit Records.

jinke song

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Case Study of Orbit Records

Orbit Records Case Study Backgrounds of Orbit Records on the top
leadership level Warning! Problem: Only few staff understand the company’s objectives and overall strategy. Problem: A half of staff don’t have enough opportunities to express their ideas/ make suggestions. Problem: Employees don’t feel ‘valued’ by the company. Leadership Qualities Founded in London more than twenty years,
with 12 large stores in UK & 5 in Germany.
The company grew at an amazing rate with
its fancy marketing strategy.
Orbit Records offer a wide range of CDs at a
very comfortable price. Their record stores
carry over 80,000 titles-about three times
more than their main competitors.
They also have GREAT services. After the founder of Orbit Records gone,
Sheldon Drake, the new Chief Executive,
took over. But things did not get along well.
Cause of a wrong change of leadership ,
the employees began to worry about losing
their jobs and their morale suffered.
Luckily the third leader took over the
company three months ago. Employees started to
.Lose confidence in the business
.Worry about losing their jobs
.Morale Suffered
.Don’t feel ‘valued’ by the company
.Don’t have enough opportunities
to express their ideas
.Were not paid adequately. Solution: Set up regular small- group meetings to share ideas, develop plans and help prepare budgets. Also, start an ‘Employee of the Month’ scheme. Everyone has to nominate someone, giving reasons why they should be nominated.
Reason: Staff will be contributive to the company and work more hard. Solution: Organize regular small meetings to explain the targets of the company in the next period.
Reason: Company’s objectives and overall strategy may have a great influence on staff’s life. Solution: Encourage staff through meetings and a newsletter to give ideas and suggestions. There would be cash rewards for the best ideas.
Reason: Staff’s sounds are always significance because they are most related to the market and represent consumers’ demand.
Vision: Create a picture of where the organization is going and each person’s role in this process of change
Inspiration: Inspire the people they work with
Momentum: Create momentum and make sure people are moving forward with various projects under their control Revolution 2 years ago.
Selling Pc games
videos, tee-shirts
adventure holidays
concert tickets
books,comics Problem: Apart of staff
aren’t paid adequately. Solution: Set up a profit- sharing scheme for all employees related to increased productivity and profits.
Reason: Higher wages is the most effective way to motivate staff work hard. Problem: Employees began to lose their confidence in the business and worry about losing their jobs. Solution: Employers should enhance their leadership and the image of company, making employees feel where they go, they are always proud of being a member of company.
Reason: When staff lose confidence, they can’t devote to the work any more. Solution: There should be definite company system. Reward and punish should be strict. Problem: There isn’t
competition among employees. That's all
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