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How Is Disney World Like An Animal Cell?

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hillary gallagher

on 7 November 2014

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Transcript of How Is Disney World Like An Animal Cell?

How Is Disney World Like An Animal Cell?

Lysosomes are like the stomachs of the cell, which digest things the cell needs. Sometimes, they even help to break down faulty organelles and whole cells, therefore cleaning the cell. This could be compared to the janitors/ maintenance workers of Disney, who clean up the park, like a lysosome digesting the cell's excess material that need to be processed.
The Cytoskeleton of a cell is what supports the cell and helps it to keep its shape. The cytoskeleton is the shell that provides the shell with its shape. Another important function of the cytoskeleton is the separation of chromosomes in mitosis and meiosis (cell division.) This is similar to Disney's profit because it maintains the park’s “shape” in the way that they can maintain the experience that they present people with. The profit supports the very existence of the park. It also helps advance the park, like a cytoskeleton's function during cell separation. The profit is the support of the park, like how the cytoskeleton supports a cell.

The centrioles are important when it comes to cell division. They help to guide chromosomes through cell division, and are the organelles that initialize the process of cell division. In this way, centrioles are similar to Disney's Head Engineers. When new rides are being created (in comparison to new cells) the lead engineers are the ones who create the project, and oversee the whole thing in its entirety.

Cell Membrane
The cell membrane controls what goes in and out of the cell, and helps to keep everything inside the cell. At Disney the equivalent of the Cell Membrane are the turnstiles at the entrance and exit. The turnstiles are what allow people in and out of the park, and help to keep people in the park.The cell membrane is the organelle that allows or blocks foreign substances from entering the cell, like the turnstiles, and also helps to keep everything inside the cell.

The mitochondria are the cell’s energy factory, where the cell’s main source of energy: ATP, is created. The mitochondria are also what maintain the cell’s metabolism. This is similar to Disney's power source: Reedy Creek Power Plant. The mitochondria are basically like the power plant of a cell, because it provides the cell with needed energy, and without it the cell would not be able to function. Reedy Creek Power Plant, like the mitochondria, is Disney's sole energy provider. Without Reedy Creek, Disney would not be able to function, like a cell without its mitochondria.
The nucleus is often called the “leader” of the cell, and contains the cell’s genetic information in strands of DNA. The nucleus and DNA regulate what goes on in the cell, which is where the nickname of leader comes from. In terms of Disney, the equivalent of the Nucleus is Robert A. Iger, who is Disney's CEO. Igor controls what goes on in Disney, like how the Nucleus controls what goes on in the cell. Also he is the leader of the whole company, like how the nucleus is the leader of the cell. A CEO knows his company: what it's purpose is, and how it should be run. This is exactly the same as the nucleus' relationship with the cell.

The ribosomes are created by the nucleus for one sole purpose: creating the cell’s protein. This protein is created using mRNA, or messenger RNA from the Nucleus and Amino Acids. Proteins are an essential part of cell division as well.
The ribosomes of a cell could be compared to Disney's customers. This is because when the customer’s pay money to enter to the park, they contribute to the park’s overall money, which is as essential to the park as protein is to a cell. Also, it helps them create new projects, like how proteins must be present for cell division.

Rough ER
The Rough ER packages proteins together, and then sends them off. In addition to packaging the proteins, the Rough ER acts as a transport for these proteins once they have been processed. In terms at Disney, the rough ER would be similar to the combination of Disney's hotels and buses. First of all, the people would represent the proteins, because they are vital to the park. So, the people start off in their hotel room, where they "put themselves together," and get ready for the day. Then, they can be brought into the park in buses, much like how how the rough ER transports the newly processed proteins.

The Cytoplasm is the jelly like substance that helps to fill up the empty space in a cell. Without it the cell would be completely flat, so it also helps to maintain the 3D shape of the cell. This could be compared to the characters at Disney World because a lot of the kids who go to Disney are most excited to meet their favorite Disney characters. These characters help to fill up empty spots in Disney World, like cytoplasm filling up the empty space in a cell. Disney would almost seem deflated without all of those energetic and loving characters running around, like a cell without its cytoplasm.

Golgi Body Apparatus
The Golgi receives, sorts, and ships the products of the cell such as proteins. It transports these products using something called a vesicle. This is like the trains within Disney World because the trains “ship” the people throughout the park like the Golgi, and you could even compare the train’s carts to vesicles, or individual pods for transportation.

DNA/ Chromosomes
DNA is the genetic makeup of the cell, which basically tells the cell all the characteristics it should have and what its purpose is. Chromosomes are what these DNA strands are packed together to make. The equivalent of DNA for Disney World is Walt Disney. Walt Disney is the founder of the Disney Company, and of Disney World. It is his ideals that the company and park are modeled after, like a cell modeling itself in the way the DNA tells it to.

So, in conclusion, an animal cell
is like Disney World.
By Hillary Gallagher
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