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The Man, The Myth, The Legend... MITT ROMNEY

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Johnny Verstraete

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of The Man, The Myth, The Legend... MITT ROMNEY

The Man,
The Myth,
The Legend...
MITT ROMNEY Credentials 2002 Winter Olympics
After Ann Ronney was diagnosed with multiple scleriosis in 1998, the two built a vacation house in Salt Lake City, Utah. Ann had a mixture of therapies that gave her a lifestyle mostly without limitations. So when Mitt got the opportunity to take over the troubled organization for the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake, Ann urged him to take it.
Romney revamped the organization's leadership and politics, reduced budgets, boosted fund raising, and recruited many new corporate sponsors.
Despite the initial shortfall, the 2002 Winter Olympics cleared a profit of $100 million. Credentials Cont... Housing Market: "Don't try and stop the foreclosure process. Let it run its course and hit the bottom," - Mitt Romney Mitt Romney's Views Voter ID: Mitt Romney endorsed voter ID laws as necessary at a campaign stop in New Hampshire last year Views continued... Governor of Massachusetts Budget: He believes in reaganomics, which means cutting taxes to bring economic growth. He believes the budget should cut taxes on incomes less than $200,000 annually and cut payroll taxes on people ages sixty five years or older. Views continued... Willard Mitt Romney was born on March 27, 1947 in Detroit, Michigan.
He is the youngest of four siblings to Geogre and Lenore Romney.
He is a fifth-generation member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints a.k.a. Mormon.
He is of primarily English descent, and also has more distant Scottish and German ancestry.
Geogre W. Romney was the CEO of American Motors. His father avoided the company from bankruptcy and return to profitability. Mitt idolized him for this. MITT'S HISTORY Affirmative Action: "I do not support quotas in hiring, government contracting, school admissions or the like. I do support encouraging inclusiveness and diversity, and I encourage the disclosure of the numbers of women and minorities in top positions of companies and government -- not to impose a quota, but to shine light on the situation." - Mitt Romney
After graduating college Romney was recruited by several firms and chose to remain in Massachusetts to work for Boston Consulting Group.
In 1977 Romney was hired by Bain and Company, where a year later Romney became vice-president.
In 1984 Romney left Bain and Company to co-found the private equity investment firm, Bain Capital.
Bain Capital was on its way to being one of the top private equity firms in the nation. Unemployment Benefits: "Let's reform the system, make the system work better by giving people responsibility for their own employment opportunities and having that account, rather than doling out year after year more money from an unemployment system." - Mitt Romney Abortion: Romney was previously pro-choice, but is now pro-life. In regards to legality, “I'd like to see Roe v. Wade overturned and allow the states and the elected representatives of the people, and the people themselves, have the ability to put in place pro-life legislation.” - Mitt Romney Mitt Romney is named after two people. He was named after family friend, hotel magnate J. Willard Marriott, and his father's cousin, Milton "Mitt" Romney, a former quarterback for the Chicago Bears.
He was called "Billy" until kindergarten, when he indicated a preference for "Mitt". FUN FACTS Capital Punishment: “From my perspective, there are two main camps when it comes to the death penalty. On one side, there are some people who believe there are certain crimes that are so offensive… so reprehensible…. so far beyond the bounds of civilized society that they demand the ultimate punishment. In the other camp are well-meaning people who believe that it is immoral for government to ever take a life. In the middle, I believe, are others who could support the death penalty if it is narrowly applied and contains the appropriate safeguards." Credentials Cont. War on Drugs: Mitt Romney supports the War on Drugs. "We've got to not only continue our war on drugs from a police standpoint, but also to market again to our young people about the perils of drugs." He is also opposed to the legalization of medical marijuana. Views continued... Locals LDS Church leadership
During his business years, Romney had several specific positions in the local lay clergy.
Around 1977 is when he became a counselor to the president of the Boston Stake.
He served as bishop of the ward at Belmont from 1981 to 1986.
1994 U.S. Senatorial Campaign
Romney thought about entering politics to follow in his father's footsteps.
He decided to challenge Democratic U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy who was seeking re-election for the sixth time.
Romney started out well but after spending $7 million overall during the race, he lost to Kennedy, who won with 58% of the vote. Gun Rights: Mitt is in favor of gun rights. "Let me speak very directly and candidly about where I stand. I support the Second Amendment as one of the most basic and fundamental rights of every American. It's essential to our functioning as a free society, as are all the liberties enumerated in the Bill of Rights..." Gay Marriage: Romney is opposed to gay marriage, and believes marriage should only be legal between a man and a women, and should be enforced on a federal level. "For me and for many others, opposition to same-sex marriage stems from the strong conviction that the ideal setting in which to raise a child is in a home with both a mother and a father." More History.. Healthcare: Romney believes in repealing/dismantling Obamacare. “Free enterprise is the way America works… We need to apply that to health care… Regardless of what they do, it’s going to be after the next president to either repeal and replace or replace Obamacare - and I intend to do both.” He is not against healthcare reform, however, and supports thing such as pre-existing condition coverage and family coverage Views continued... Mitt attended a all boy's private school Cranbrook School in Bloomfield Hills. It was a very expensive school to attend.
He became manager for the ice hockey team and a member of the pep squad, and the cross country team.
He was not a star pupil at school and was involved in many pranks.
He interned under his father twice when he was governor of Michigan.
Right before graduation from Cranbrook he met his high school sweetheart Ann Davies aka The next first lady! Immigration: Romney loves the idea of legal immigration, but not illegal immigration. "I love immigration. I love legal immigrants coming into our country ... My guess is everybody in this room is a descendant of an immigrant or an immigrant himself. So we love immigration as Americans. Immigration brings us education, new cultures, ideas, innovative talent. It's wonderful to have legal immigration. I don't like illegal immigration." After High School. Romney attended Stanford University in 1965–1966 for a year.
In May 1966, he was part of a counter-protest against a group staging a sit-in at the university administration building in opposition to draft status tests
In 1966 he left for France for a three month stay for a mormon missonary. He stayed much later.
While in France he did not gain convert to the mormon missonary till he defended two missonary ladies from being attacked by rugby players. He was later promoted to zone leader in Bordeaux in early 1968.
He later became assistant to the mission president in Paris, the highest position for a missionary.
After wreck in France that killed the missonary presidents wife, Romney became co-acting president of a mission demoralized and disorganized by the May civil disturbances.
After his return him and Ann became a couple again, she converted to mormonism whie he was away. Upon return he begun attending Brigham Young University (BYU).
Ann and Mitt married on March 21, 1969, in a civil ceremony in Bloomfield Hills. They later flew to Utah for a wedding ceremony at the Salt Lake Temple.
He earned a Bachelor of Arts in English with highest honors in 1971.
He then went on to recieve his Juris Doctor/Master of Business Administration four-year program coordinated between Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School to pursue a business path.
He graduated in 1975 cum laude from the law school, in the top third of that class, and was named a Baker Scholar for graduating in the top five percent of his business school class.
He went on to have five kids: Taggart (1970), Matthew (1971), Joshua (1975) Benjamin (1978) and baby Craig (1981) Family and College Life! The End!
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