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Melissa Taylor

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of CRIME

WHAT IS CRIME?? A crime is any act or omission that violates a law which results in a punishment. TYPES OF CRIMES IN THE BOROUGHS Though there are many other variations of crime, the most common crimes committed throughout the Boroughs are: Victimless Crimes which include:
Larceny Aggravated Crimes
which include:
and Organized Crimes inclusive of
gangs and drug usage &... VIOLENT CRIMES This includes:
Street Crimes
Murder BROOKLYN Brooklyn has more murders each year than any other New York City borough. However it also has the largest population. Both Brooklyn and Bronx are significantly more violent than the other three New York City boroughs. STATEN ISLAND Staten Island had historically been New York's safest borough. It continues that trend, tallying only 16 murders in 2009, 3.28 per 100,000 residents. A link between increased crime and poverty has been proven throughout American government research. It shows that who are exposed to poverty and all of the surrounding factors are more likely to commit crimes than those who are not. Title: CRIME
Name: Melissa Taylor
Date: November 30th, 2012
Professor: Cantone-Denning For the first half of 2011, crime was down across the United States. Murder was down about 5.7 percent, Robbery was down by about 7.7 percent, rape was down 5.1 percent and aggravated assault was down by 5.9 percent.
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