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community stewardship

community helping

Tammy Girolami

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of community stewardship

We did our community stewardship project with SSWIS About the Organization:
assist immigrants and refugees to become more effective in our Canadian society

SSWIS- settlement support worker in schools sevices:
day care
SSWIS people involved:
sswis workers
some volunteering
in schools:
homework help
Host program:
offers frendship and support. languae, driving and citizenship preperation. Schools we worked at:
Mount Royal
saskatoon french school
E.D Feighan
St. Volandimeir
Evan Hardy History:
founded in 1980
was built as a non-profit organization, to help people come to canada Most of the people involved are immagrants or refugees themselves. that help them to connect with the family they are working with. Community connections:
The workers are helping all over the community.
They are placing kids all over, in different high schools. The peole live in different places and they are trying to help the families get into different activites. They do different activites and get togethers with different people. I hope you enjoyed our presentation.
we learnt how to do this with a program that we learned from the esl students!
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