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Sunyi Kamt

on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of INTERMEDIATE 8

Look at the following questions and tell me:
-Which one sounds more polite?
-What´s the structure difference between them?

A: "What time is it?"
B: "I don´t know what time it is."
"Do you know what time it is?" -"A" is a direct question (impolite).
-"B" is an embedded question (polite). You must use SUBJECT + VERB.

Look at the following direct questions and change them to embedded questions:
1)Where is ICPNA? (Do you know...?)
2)Does the combi stop here? (I´m not sure...!)
3)Have you brought churros today?
(Could you tell me...?)
(I was wondering...!) 1) Do you know where ICPNA is?

2) -I´m not sure if the combi stops here!
-I´m not sure whether the combi stops here!

3)-Could you tell me if you´ve brought churros today?
-I was wondering whether or not you´ve brought churros today! Expressions to start embedded questions:
Can you tell me...? / Could you tell me...?
Do you have any idea....?
Do you know....?
I wonder... / I was wondering...
I´d like to know...
I can´t say...
I don´t have any idea...
I don´t know...
I´m not sure...
It´s not clear... look on page 118 On activity D:
-FIRST look at column for student B. In pairs, change the direct questions to embedded questions. Then look at the column for student A and individually answer this information.
Leave 5 lines blank.
Make sure to know how to answer in embedded form for the blank lines. Interview your partner. Take notes. Write question mark when your partner isn´t sure. Now, switch roles Look at the answers and report to the person next to you only the answers where your partner wasn´t sure about the answers.
-Pacheco isn´t sure how many people are traveling.
-Pacheco doesn´t know when he is returning.
-Pacheco doesn´t have any idea what type of hotel he would prefer.
-Pacheco... Game (groups of 3-4) - Embedded questions
-You will need 2 writers and 1 messenger.
-The teacher will show you a picture with a direct question.
-On one of the papers write the direct question.
-On the other write the embedded form of the question.
Example: what time it is?
(Do you know...?) DIRECT FORM:
What time it is? EMBEDDED FORM:
Do you know what time it is? Who is she? (I don´t know...) I don´t know who she is. Why doesn´t he come to Peru? (I don´t have any idea...) I don´t have any idea why he doesn´t come to Peru. Whose passport is this?
(I´m not sure...) I´m not sure whose passport it is. When can they go to Churin?
(Do you know...?) Do you know when they can go to Churin? When are you bringing the churros?
(I was wondering...) I was wondering when you are bringing the churros. How long has he been waiting for the plane?
(Can you tell me...?) Can you tell me how long has he been waiting for the plane? Is she planning on going to the chizito party?
(I wonder...) I wonder if she is planning on going to the chizito party.
I wonder whether she is planning on going to the chizito party. Is that a Baby Shower?
(Could you tell me...?) Could you tell me if it is a baby shower. How many fish are there in the pond?
(I´m not sure...) I´m not sure how many fish there are in the pond. When did he go to Australia?
(Do you know...?) Do you know when he went to Australia?
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