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Memory Moment Signpost Lesson

No description

Maggie Teffeteller

on 7 December 2015

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Transcript of Memory Moment Signpost Lesson

Memory Moment Signpost Lesson
Fish in a Tree Examples
pg. 19 "I miss how he'd (Grandpa) move from place to place with us whenever Dad got stationed somewhere new or deployed..."
Let's Try with a Text!
Let's take a look back at the text and find a memory moment.
Signpost Review
What is a signpost? Review the signposts we know.
*Aha Moment
*Contrasts & Contradictions
*Words of the Wiser
*Again and Again
Notice & Note Clip
What is a memory moment and what question do we ask ourselves when we find one in our text?
*Watch this clip to find out!
Let's practice!
More Practice!
Time to Think
*Look at new anchor chart...
*Think about a memory moment you have seen in our GRA, Fish in A Tree.
*Turn and discuss,"Why might this memory be important?"

pg.52 "As I walk back to my seat, I think of how when Dad left, he said that when we look at the steel pennies, we need to remember that we are unique, too."
Remember the story, An Old Woman Who Named Things?
Think...Does this tell me about the theme, conflict or foreshadow anything in the story?
Your Turn...
Let's try with Fish in A Tree .
Underline the memory moment in the text.
Answer the question on the bottom of your paper. Think..."Why might this memory be important?"
Share with partner & fill out the thought sheet together.
Memory Moment
pg. 106 "well...on my second day here last year, I'd bought a bag of cheese crackers at lunch..."
This explains why there is a such a big character conflict between Shay and Ally. Shay thinks Ally stole her cake for no reason at all and holds a grudge against her. This may explain why Shay is so rude and disrespectful to Ally constantly at school.
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