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All about Gideon

Kameryn Mitchell

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of Gideon

That Gideon Story Who is Gideon ? Scene 3: Gideon Demands More Signs Gideon was a brave man appointed by God to deliver Israel from the Midianites. God probably chose Gideon because he knew his heart, even though Gideon doubted the task, but throughout he kept most of his faith. Although he had his weaknesses, Gideon was a judge who had a very close relationship with God- so close that he tested God to make sure God was with him. Gideon's first assignment was to destroy the offensive evidence of the Baal worship in the community. Gideon was to destroy his father's altar because the Baal "high places" were the center of the pagan worship. Gideon wasn't told to destroy the altar for no reason, he did it because it was the center of pagan worship or of false gods. One of the most important of the Baal high places was located on the property of Joash, Gideon's father. Gideon was to destroy the Baal altar and cut down the Asherah pole and build a new altar to the one and only true God, and prepare a bull to sacrifice on it. The commandments that the people broke by having an altar to Baal included the first and second commandments:

1. You shall have no other gods before me.

2. You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below.

Things people bow down/ worship today and personal altars we as humans should knock down:
-First, we worship at the altar of materialism.
-Second, we worship at the altar of our own pride and ego.
-Third, we idolize mankind
-Finally, and perhaps most destructively, we worship at the altar of self-desires. This manifests itself in self-indulgence through alcohol, drugs, and food. After the people of the village learned what happened, they were terrified. They went to Joash demanding that his son was to be put the death. Joash demonstrated that he was a very wise man. He told the people that if Baal was god , he would punish Gideon himself. He said that instead of the people trying to get revenge, they should let Baal do it. From that day on, Gideon was given the name "Jerub-Baal", because his father said, 'Let Baal fight, for it was his altar that was destroyed.' The spirit of the LORD came upon Gideon, and he blew a trumpet, summoning the men of the Abiezrites to follow him. Gideon also sent messengers throughout Manasseh, Asher Zebulun, and Naphtali and they all went up to meet him. Scene 1: Gideon Demands a Sign The angel of the LORD appeared to Gideon while he was busy threshing wheat in a winepress to keep it from the Midianites. This would've been a very difficult task because the Midianites could appeared out of nowhere since they always came secretly and were nearby. The angel told Gideon that the LORD was with him but Gideon questioned the angel. The LORD appeared and told Gideon that he is to deliver Israel, but Gideon told the LORD to give him a sign that He is speaking to him. So Gideon told the LORD to wait until he returned and presented Him with an offering. The Lord is with you, might warrior. Scene 2: Gideon Commits Vandalism Gideon went and prepared a young goat and unleavened bread. He put the meat into a basket and the broth into a pot. The angel asks Gideon to put the meat and the unleavened bread on a rock, and pour the broth on it. Gideon did so and the angel touched the offering with his staff and fire flared and consumed it. "Put the meat and the unleavened bread on this rock, and pour the broth on it." Hi, I'm Gideon! Gideon shall be killed! AMEN MY
CHRIST! Gideon wanted a sign from God, so he tested God by puting a wool fleece on threshing floor and it was to only contain dew and the ground was to remain dry. Fleece is the coat of wool that covers a sheep or a similar animal. Gideon tested God 3 times (offering-1, fleece-2) , but the second time was with the fleece dry and the ground wet. After God passed the test, Gideon was then ready to fight the Midianites. We should never test God because if we truly have total faith in Him, then we also believe that everything will turn out alright. "If you will rescue Israel by my hand as you have promised--look, I am putting a wool fleece on the threshing floor." Scene 4: Gideon is Ready for Battle Gideon was ready for battle so he then recruited 32,000 men, but God wanted a smaller army because if Israel went against the Midianites, they wouldn't give Him the full credit and say that they won the victory and would boast about it, but if it was a smaller army, they would realize it was God who had the victory. To reduce the army, Gideon asked who was afraid and 22,00 left, while 10,000 remained. It was still too much men, so for Gideon to reduce the 10, 000 men, he brought them to a nearby stream. Gideon was to separate those who lapped up the water like dogs from those who kneel down to drink. The ones who lapped were to be rescued and the others were to go home. Now there were 300 men. The men who didn't drink from their hands were at bad risk because someone could easily attack them while they weren't looking. God's instructions to Gideon and the army was if they were afraid to attack, they were to go down to the camp with their servant, Purah and listen to what they were saying. Afterwards, they would be encouraged to attack the camp. So everyone went down to the outposts of the camp. Gideon then divided the three hundred men into three groups, giving each a trumpet and an empty jar with a torch inside. Gideon and the hundred men with him reached the edge of the camp. They blew their trumpets and broke the jars that were in their hands. Holding the torches in their left hands and holding in their right hands the trumpets they were to blow, they shouted, “A sword for the Lord and for Gideon!” In today's passage, God calls a man named Gideon to deliver his suffering people. Gideon was reluctant at first to respond to the call of God. He did not always possess strong faith and like all of us, he had many weaknesses. He made all kinds of excuses as to why he couldn't do what God was calling him to do. God had to patiently work with him and put up with all his fears and excuses to prepare him for leadership. We should all be like Gideon so that we may also accept God's calling and vision for us so that we may be great and spiritual warriors for this generation.
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