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Geographic Information Systems

CM 492

David Hartman

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Geographic Information Systems

By: David Hartman Geographic Information Systems Overview History of GIS GIS Defined Seismic Activity in the US History
GIS defined
What it is being used for in construction
Hardware examples
Main strength/weakness
Different GIS software
Future directions
Video Draws roots back to the 1800s
In 1854 John Snow depicted a map of isolated cholera outbreaks
Early 1900s layered maps were introduced
Development of the nuclear weapons spurred general purpose "computer mapping"
Early 1980s saw the birth of the first roots of today's CAD
By 2000 GIS databases have been published on the internet
Many programs are available via the world wide web Integrates hardware, software, and data.
Which captures, manages, analyzes, and displays all forms of geographically referenced information.
GIS allows us to
view and understand
question, interpret and visualize data
To help reveal relationships, patterns, and trends in the form of maps, globes, reports, and charts
Helps answer questions before conflict has happened Created with GIS Software
Used to create building codes in the US GIS in Construction Use of GIS and Topology in the Identification and Resolution of Space Conflicts

Application of geographic information systems in construction safety planning
V.K. Bansal Construction activities need space on the jobsite for execution.
GIS topographic maps and certain software can be used for space planning for various construction activities
Costs money and valuable time! This enables for planning, time-space conflict identification, and conflict resolution before the project has begun. Recall BIM "Clash Detection?" Spacial Conflict "Layered Map" GIS in Construction Cont'd GIS is extremely valuable to plan for the following Environmental condition
Access route planning
Flood forecasting
Groundwater recharge (depth of water table)
Layouts of existing utilities Able to create a link between workspace and project schedule Able to predict, and map weather patterns Hardware Used to collect site data
Surveying data can be imported to AutoCAD Strengths/Weaknesses GIS is NOT the same a BIM
It is used to aid BIM The software ArcGIS has the capability to import 3D formats from software like SketchUp, 3D Studio, OpenFlight etc. The scheduling ability in GIS is NOT compatible with the functionality of available in Primavera, MS Project and other BIM tools GIS Software GRASS GIS gvSIG Future Directions GIS Mostly only supports 2D analysis
Even though 3D and 4D functions are used in GIS currently it is not widely used
Future programs hope to make them more user friendly GIS hopes to be directly compatible with all BIM software Video References Bansal, V.K. (2011) Use of GIS and topology in the identification and resolution of space conflicts. Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering 25 (2) 159-171 Bansal, V.K. (2010) Use of Application of geographic information systems in construction safety planning. International Journal of Project Management. 29 (3) 66-77 ESRI Understanding our World. (2012) What is GIS? Retrieved January 25, 2013, from http://www.esri.com/what-is-gis/overview Wikipedia the Free Enclyclopedia. (2013) Geographic Information Systems. Retrieved January 25, 2013, from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geographic_information_system Youtube.com Broadcast Yourslef. (2010) Masdar City- Geographic Information Systems. Retrieved January 25, 2013, from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0X3oDWt_rq Hope to create GIS software capable of
Transportation cost comparison
Materials storage
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