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Project 17 - Independent Reading Presentation

No description

Joshua Canton

on 14 June 2013

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Transcript of Project 17 - Independent Reading Presentation

Danvers State Hospital
Main Themes
Major Characters
Derik (protagonist) - director, wants a better future
Chet (antagonist) - jokester, minor conflict with Derik
Mimi - goth, grandma was admitted, goal is to help the souls "rest in peace"
Tony - actor, Greta's boyfriend
Greta/Ashley - actress, wants a future career as a professional
Liza - braniac, wait-listed at Harvard
Derik doesn't want to work at his parent's diner when he graduates high school, so he films a video with a few friends at Danvers State Hospital to submit to a video contest. This helps his future career and guides him away from his parent's diner.
Man vs Supernatural
The six teenagers navigate their way through the abandoned asylum, while constantly being disturbed by the spirits of its inhabitants.
Setting - the setting (Danvers State Hospital) is important to the plot because the whole story revolves around it.
Dramatic irony - as Chet is pulling jokes on the rest of the crew, the reader knows what he is doing while the characters don't.
Determination can drive a person to success.
Minor Characters
Derik's mom - static, controlling,
Derik's dad - static, controlling, runs the family diner
Derik's uncle - static, supportive of Derik
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