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No description

rachel white

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of Statistics

Measure of Center
statistical question
- A question where there is more than one answer.
by: Alexa Lower and Rachel White
Introduction to Statistics
Find out if this question is statistical
Common Mistakes:
A number in the set of data that is much greater or less than the other values. An outlier can affect the mean.

Common mistakes:
Forgetting to add in all numbers, Dividing by the wrong number, and make sure if 0 is included in the data set, add it in the number to be divided by.

Mean Absolute Deviation
Mean Absolute Deviation-
the average of how much data values differ the mean.
To find the M.A.D.-
find the M.A.D in this data set.
common mistakes-
Finding the wrong mean in the beginning can conclude in wrong answer, finding the wrong sum of the distances or the wrong distance.
How many pets do you have?- good
When was the civil war?- bad
measure of center-
A measure that describes the typical value of a data set. This includes median, mean, and mode.
common mistakes and tips:
Use mode when there is a data set with no numbers.
Use mean when there are outliers in the data set.
Use median when there is an outlier in the data set.
example problem:

Find the mean, median and mode which is the best measure of center?
Measure of Variation
Mixing up the difference between a
statistical and non-statistical question
Measure of variation
- A measure that describes the distribution of a data set. That includes the range and the Interquartile Range.
Common mistakes
- If there is an odd set of numbers in data set make sure to include the numbers next to the median in the quartiles. Range equation:
This is how you find the IQR
Add all those numbers up, then divide by the original mean to find the answer.
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