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Camp Wanakita

A Prezi on our trip to Camp Wanakita.

Julianna Marfisi

on 30 September 2012

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Transcript of Camp Wanakita

CAMP WANAKITA 2012 We bonded so much as a grade, and we had the best time doing it! On May 7th-9th 2012, the Grade 7 class of St. David went to Camp Wanakita. It was definitely one of the highlights of the year. We were put into groups of 8-10 in a cabin with our friends. We didn't spend much time in the cabin, but when we did, it was crazy! At camp, we participted in so many activities. Some activities were: fire-building, archery, high ropes, low ropes, beaver hike, and many other activities. In the high ropes, our trust and confidence in our classmates was tested. It took quite a bit of courage to climb 40 feet only supported by our peers. In the end, we can personally say we had a blast! At the archery range, we had to be taught the skill of archery, which wasn't as easy as it looks. It was actually quite difficult, but it didn't fail to be enjoyable. On the beaver hike, we learned so many new facts. We saw beaver dams, the lake, but we didn't see a beaver on the hike. We played games along the way and stopped for mini-lessons. It was great! At the fire-building, we learned the 3 things you need to make a fire. Oxygen, Ignition, and Fuel. We had to collect the three different types of wood, build the base, and start it with only one match! We did this in groups, so we had to work together! + In the low ropes, there were various different obstacles, but only a few fee t off the ground. Some of the obstacles were very easy, but some were a little more challenging. We had to have two spotters in case. At meal times, a certain cabin was asked to arrive early and set the tables. Shortly after, the rest of the cabins headed down to the Core. We were responsible for getting more food, which made it feel like home. The counsellors were all great! They were super fun, and entertaining! Some of them even sat with us at meals. The counsellors were very helpful in teaching every new skill. Also, they all seemed genuinely happy to be there. Done By: Julianna M. and Rachel B.
Idea By: Nicole B.
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