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The 19th Amendment

No description

Kennedy Hill

on 14 February 2011

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Transcript of The 19th Amendment

THE 19th AMENDMENT BY Kennedy Hill proposed in 1878
ratified 192o The right of citizens to vote... "shall not be denied or abridged by the United States
or any state on account of sex." states that... political action, reinforced
by the service of women in industry during
resulted in the adoption of the amendment WorldWarI should the 14th ammendment be interpretd as guaranteeing women the right to vote? "Declaration of Sentiments" 1st Women's Rights convention held in NY (1848) July 1890 ''territory'' of Wyoming
first to allow women to vote. turning point>>>>>>>> Theodore Roosevelt's Progressive party became first national political party to have a plank or platform supporting Women's Suffrage. (1912) That's 41 years!
what took so long? >>>the futurE<<< in 2004, 8.8 million more WOMEN voted than men. Significance! (1914-1918) then in 2008 Hillary Clinton women could not vote
or even run 100 yrs. ago! president knoadfwkljdf
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