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How to get the most of Dropbox on all your devices

Bridget Hoban

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Dropbox

The basics Cloud Computing, Dropbox & Evernote Cloud Computing What is Dropbox? Using Dropbox is like carrying around a USB that will work in all your devices
Dropbox uses the memory space in the cloud to store all your files.
You can put any file on Dropbox.
Dropbox will synch across the devices. Sharing files on DB LRC's Dropbox page Go to the LRC'S website for more help and inspiration with Dropbox Files can be shared between
1). Dropbox users
2). Anyone with an email address
You can share


only With
users of DB Single Files

With DB
users anyone - you send an email with a link to your file

Click on ‘Sharing’ to see the folders you are sharing and the people you are sharing them with.
click on options -
this box will pop up,
type in the emails of the people you want to share
the folder with and ‘send invites’. Dropbox on PC
and Notebook Dropbox on iPad Dropbox on Web Dropbox has three different interfaces synchs with synchs with synchs with How to share folders From your PC/notebook 1). Click on the DB icon 2). Click on the item you want to share, right click 'share with', 'specific people' and insert their email From the DB website put your cursor over the file you want to share, a link will appear, click on the link to share your file on the DB website How to share files Sharing folders again on the website click on 'new shared folder' to create a new folder you want to share Receiving files from DB This is the email you will send when you share a file (or a folder) with someone sharing folders on PC Exactly the same process as sharing individual files, except you are selecting a folder, right click, choose 'share with' and 'specific people' and insert their email. a folder you are sharing has this icon http://libguides.lowtherhall.vic.edu.au The page is under 'For teachers' This box will appear, type in the email account and you can add your own message have all the same files on:
your: iPad, laptop,the web,that you can access any time! This means you can... A notetaking and organisation tool
It's like carrying around your entire desk! Why is it awesome? Flexibility!
It syncs with ALL your devices
It integrates with your web browsers
It grows!
Great search functionality
Easy sharing
Clever extras like Skitch, Evernote Peek, Evernote Clearly & Penultimate. Evernote on your PC Evernote
App Free!
windows Help! Go to http://libguides.lowtherhall.vic.edu.au There are step by step instructions and guides, as well as blogs and articles on how others are using evernote. "it's large, out there somewhere, and fuzzy at the edges" Evernote What is it? The main hub Wait - there's more! Skitch Web Clipper Evernote Clearly Evernote Peek Penultimate "Remember everything"
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