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Photo credits : lots of people/google/internet

Farheen Gul

on 20 September 2016

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Transcript of PAKISTAN

A journey with ABC's
I love my country
On the world map!
I must admit my country may have it's faults and issues as portrayed now and then on the news, but its a country like no other, it has positive and negative aspects.I wanted to show you the side that people don't get to see and/or usually take for granted.
This is my home...This is PAKISTAN!
Indus - the great river
This is how we greet each other. It literally means something close to "Peace be upon you", and is considered equivalent to
"hello" or "good day"
in English.
Baba e Quaid
He was born in Karachi and buried there as well. Mazar-e-Quaid, Jinnah Mausoleum or the National Mausoleum refers to his tomb. It is an iconic symbol of Karachi throughout the world. Jinnah was trained as a barrister at Lincolns Inn in London, and was a great lawyer, politician and statesman. He served as Pakistan's first Governor-General from independence 14 August 1947 until his death.
Better known as Muhammad Ali Jinnah, kids lovingly call the father of our nation as Baba Quaid, (Baba meaning father). He is revered in Pakistan as Quaid-i-Azam (Great Leader) and Baba-i-Qaum (Father of the Nation) and his birthday is observed as a national holiday.
There are 5 main provinces, and within those provinces exist completely different worlds with their own food, languages, traditions, dance music, but together they all form Pakistan. There is a lot of diversity within the country, as well as creativity from carpet weaving, to jewellery making, and block printing
Daewoo is the best
transport to
travel from city
to city.
Certain vehicles
are allowed in
some cities only. The following pictures
are some
examples of
transport in
Eid and other events
Eid is a major event in the country. You see the markets flooded on "chaand raat", and God forbid should you get stuck in the eid traffic. The women go crazy buying bangles and decorating their hands with henna, and the men go crazy taking them shopping. Its a great occasion. On the bakra eid, i.e. eid-ul-azha, you will see the farm animals brightly colored.

The other holidays are 23rd March and 14th August. On these days everyone celebrates with an assortment of fireworks and painting their faces.
Fruits & Flowers
Pakistan has a variety of fruits and dry fruits
Our national flower is jasmine
and is often sold as necklaces
Garh - (Home)
Islamabad is where my
home is. Some of the
houses in the cities look
like below right. Top
left is often found in
villages, while top right
on the outskirts of cities.
Hockey & other Sports
Although hockey is the national
sport of Pakistan and cricket is by
far the most popular one; the
sport in which Pakistan has achieved
most success is squash. Pakistan
dominated squash like no other
country in the world, the domination
lasting for the best part of 5
decades. It reached its peak in the 1980s
and 1990s during the
reigns of Jahangir Khan and Jansher Khan. Be
tween 1950 and 1997,
Pakistan amassed over 30 British Open titles, 14 World
Open titles
and a lot more PSA professional titles.
Jhanda (bayrak)
2004 - In August, a 340×510 (173,400 square foot) foot flag of Pakistan was unfurled at the National Stadium Karachi, setting the world record for the largest flag.

2012 - On 22 October, 24,200 people gathered in a stadium in Lahore to form the flag of Pakistan and set a new world record for forming the world's largest national flag comprising humans, which was certified by Guinness World Records.

The green represents Islam and the majority Muslims in Pakistan and the white stripe represents religious minorities. In the centre, the crescent and star which is traditional symbol of Islam symbolizes progress and light respectively
Kolapuris & Kusse
These are popular footwear in Pakistan and in summer you will see them on the foot of almost every person.
Pakistan has many cultures. Each culture brings its own literature to the table. Stories from the Mughal Era make a great read like the tale of Anarkali and her forbidden love for Prince Salim, Heer Ranjha, laila majnu, Sassi Punhuun, Umrao Jan and so on. The famous poetry of Allama Iqbal and Faiz Ahmed Faiz are often read, Rahman Baba, one of the greatest Pashto poets of all times, whose works are every bit as important to the Pashtun as William Shakespeare is to the English.
There are many stunning mosques in Pakistan. The Faisal Mosque is
largest mosque in Pakistan. It was designed by
h architect Vedat Dalokay. The Faisal Mosque is
d as the National Mosque of Pakistan and
named after
the late King Faisal bin Abdul-Aziz of Saudi
Arabia, who
supported and financed the project. The Badshahi
(Urdu: ) or the 'Royal Mosque' in Lahore, commissioned by the sixth Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb in 1671 and completed in 1673, is the second largest mosque in Pakistan and South Asia and the fifth largest mosque in the world. Epitomising the beauty, passion and grandeur of the Mughal era, it is Lahore's most famous landmark and a major tourist attraction.
Mosques , Minars & other Monuments
Nihari and other local foods
Pakistan is a country that was born on August 14th 1947. Its people speak many languages including English, Punjabi, Pushto, and Sinhi, but Urdu is the official language. Islamabad is the capital city, and there are many other bustling towns and quiet villages as well as beautiful mountains, lakes, rivers, and deserts. Pakistani rupee is the official currency of Pakistan.
Some interesting facts:
• In 1970s Pakistan had the largest irrigation system.
• Terbella dam is one of the largest mud dams in the world.
• Siachen, situated in the northern region of Pakistan, is regarded as the world's highest battle field.
• Pakistan has world's oldest Juniper forest at Ziarat.
• Pakistan is the largest producer of salt in the world.
• The first Pakistani president who took oath in Urdu was Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.
• Benazir Bhutto was the first Muslim woman who became the prime minister of a democratic state
and other music
Qawwali Music is very popular in Pakistan. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's music is still often heard. Madam Nur Jahan is also quite popular, mostly among the grown ups. There are many amazing instruments here and folk music varies from province to province.
Ras Malai
and other
Sweet Dishes in
Shalwar Kameez
Truck Art
Truck art is very popular in Pakistan. The designs are colorful and vibrant. They really catch your eye.
UPS is commonly found in many homes here due to loadshedding. Generators are quite expensive so you can say this machine is the common peoples best friend. Load shedding began nation-wide in Pakistan in early 2008 and continue presently in June 2012. It intensified in the summer of 2011, with many places around the country having no electricity for 20 hours per day. We're used to it now, and find creative ways of doing everyday things.
The northern areas and many other places in Pakistan are amazing if you ever need to get away.
Water Buffaloes
Nearly 5% of the world’s milk comes from them.
& popular drinks
in Pakistan
Capital Islamabad
Largest city Karachi
Official languages: English, Urdu
National language: Urdu
Regional languages: The number of individual languages listed for Pakistan is 72. All are living languages. Of these, 6 are institutional, 18 are developing, 38 are vigorous, 8 are in trouble, and 2 are dying.

Demonym Pakistani

Xtra Xtra, Read all about it
You know you're Pakistani when...
Since weddings are big here in Pakistan, lots and lots of jewellery is sold. The wedding business makes a lot of money with 4 days for the girls to dress up for -recession or no recession - people have to get married in style.
Zewar! - Jewellery
and civilisation
laila majnoon
and other vehicles
and other traditional wear
Currency Pakistani rupee (₨) (PKR)
Time zone PKT (UTC+5)
Drives on the left[16]
Calling code +92
ISO 3166 code PK
Internet TLD .pk
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