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Career Exploration PowerPoint

No description

Caleb Crabbs

on 12 May 2017

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Transcript of Career Exploration PowerPoint

Meteorology because I want to be a meteorologist I am researching it because I want to be a meteorologist. It matches my interests, skills, and passions.
The tasks are to analyze data from weather satellites and radar, launch weather balloons and collect readings, make weather forecasts based on findings, study the effects of pollution on climate, some broadcast weather predictions on TV or radio
The skills that are required are math and computer skills, communication skills, analytical, creative,courses in journalism are helpful for broadcast meteorologists
Work Environment
4-Year College or university
The college that offers it is The University Of Kansas
The median annual earnings for all meteorologists in the US are about $85,000, with most earning between $41,000 and $127,000 a year. With experience, meteorologists can reach managerial positions, earning significantly more.

Meteorologists who work for the federal government tend to make a little more. The average salary for these scientists is about $94,000 a year.
Job Outlook
There will be a high demand for meteorologist because of the weather being so unpredictable
Related Occupations
operational forecaster
research meteorologist
Career Exploration PowerPoint
By Caleb Crabbs
I would like to work out side or in a large complex. I would like to be on my feet moving. I would like to work at leas 40 hours a week. I would work weekends and evenings. I would need to live in a city.
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