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Mikayla D.

on 16 March 2017

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Transcript of Sophocles

Fact #2
Fact #1
Sophocles was an ancient Greek playwright, born in Colonus near Athens, Greece in 496 B.C.E. His father, Sophilus, was a rich member of a small community, the rural ‘Deme’.
Fact #3
His plays involved themes such as the relation between man and the Gods and how man reacts in certain problematic situations and the Heroes of his plays had to overcome various obstacles.
Fact #4
He was the Imperial Treasurer from 443 to 442 B.C.E, helping control the funds of the Delian Confederacy for the Athenian Empire.
Sophocles wrote 123 plays which we now have 7 of them completed.
'The Women of Trachis'
'Oedipus the King'
'Oedipus at Colonus'
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Ancient authorities awarded Sophocles with many major and minor dramatic innovations.
Fact #5
Fact #6
Fact #7
Fact #8
Fact #9
Fact #10
One of Sophocles advances was the introduction of a third actor that helped develop his characters in further depth.
Sophocles gave up acting because of his weak voice.
It is said that Sophocles died while reading Antigone
Sophocles had three sons by two different marriages. He had Iophon and and Sophocles and with Nicostrata and Ariston with Theoris, his second wife.
Sophocles died at the age of 91 in 406 B.C.
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