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Rwanda Genocide

No description

Callie Rae Floyd

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of Rwanda Genocide

Rwanda Genocide
Genocide is a killing of large groups usually part of an ethnic group or religon. Some examples are I.S.I.S, the Holoaust and Slavery.
The people who commit genocide don’t think of it as a big idea, but the people that the genocide is happening to are dying and are being treated unfairly.
The Different Points of View on Genocide
-Rwanda gains independence from Belgium in 1961
-Conflict lasted from 1900-1993+
-April 6,1994, the airplane carrying The Rwandan President was shot down.
-The government funded station RTLM broadcast vitriolic attacks against Tutsi and Hutu.
-2 million Refugees

Background of Rwanda pt1
PSA commercials
By : Callie, Tehya, Hayden, Luka
Background of Rwanda Pt 2
-Many died in Refugee Camps
-Refugee fueled war in Uganda, Burundi, DRC
Tutsis were a minority of the population and were mostly herders
-Hutus were the majority of the population and were mostly croppers
-The gov’t funded a radio station called RTLM broadcast vitriolic attacks against Tutsis and Hutu moderates
-Did Not keep record
-Killed in their villages or in towns,often by their neighbors and fellow villagers

Take Action Pledge
I pledge to take action against genocide,
To reach out to my community and spread the word,
to make sure genocide is stopped, and not heard
to stop the worry, to stop the hate.
I will talk to congress to see what I can do
to help those who have been hurt and have suffered,
I will reach out to stop the trouble it has made,
to have a peaceful day.

Human Rights Abuses
Dairy Entry #1
Diary Entry #2
Diary Entry #3
Diary Entry #4
Diary Entry #5
April 6, 1994
Today is a sad day for my people. Today our President was shot down. I was there when it happened. My friends and I were walking to our secret hideout and suddenly flames shot everywhere. None of us had ur mom's to tell us what to do so we all just ran. I looked back and saw a huge plane falling to the ground, and earlier i had heard that the president was leaving the country by plane. All i hoped for is that that wasn't him. I wish i could hve wished harder. I don't know who it was, but i am pretty sure it was the tutsi's.
April 6, 1994
So today I was sitting in my family room with my Mother,we were playing with my dolls then all of a sudden there was a BANG! We looked outside and all we saw was horrified people screaming and running and from the distince we saw fire rising from the ground,it was huge!My mother thought it was a big car crash ,but i thought it was a forest or a house fire.We turned on the radio ,but we got on it late so all we got to hear was ,"The plane was shot down that the Rwanden President was in."we immediately turned it off. We were scared fror dear life. I didn't know who would lead our country anymore. What if the fire reached our house? Are we going to be safe?
MAY 14. 1994
APRIL, 1994
This is where Rwanda is.
It has been reported that systematic and planned rape was the weapon of war and genocide used to humiliate and terrorise women and girls, their families and their communities. In 1994, almost every adolescent girl who survived the genocide in Rwanda was raped. Due to the nature of the crime of rape, there are always difficulties in gathering accurate statistics as to the number of women who were victims.
Genocide means any of the acts laid out in Article 2 of the Convention, which are committed with intent to destroy whole or in part, a national, ethical, racial, or religious group. These acts include killing members of the group. The figures which represent the groups of Tutsis killed in the brutal massacres in 1994 undoubtedly qualify as evidence of genocide :
In Cyahinda over 5,800 Tutsis who sought refuge in a church were murdered.
The End!
I chose this quote because it said things about people skin color, religion and background.Thats how genocide in Rwanda started.It's meaningful because just because someone looks different doesn't mean they should die.Its not fair!
i chose my quote because it says let freedom reign and many times in our world in many places freedom has been taken away and has been misused. Also if you help let freedom reign, it will be remembered.
Callie's love quote
Hayden's love quote
South Africa: 4 found guilty in plot to kill a general who fled Rwanda
1. The article is about 4 people trying to kill the general. when the pope found out he made a huge speech.The people that tried to kill him shot him in the stomach. the people who did it were Rwandans and Tanzanians.
2. The general was a hated man. The people wern't successful when killing the general. The men wern't sentenced for a long time.
3.Another thing going on is that there is Niger girls being abducted.
4. To inform about what's happening in rwanda and make us help or provide things for them.
Tehya's love quote
(Chicken Tacos Hate Llamas)
Chicken tacos hate llamas
I chose this love quote because thats why the Rwanda genocide happened. The love of power overcame the power of love and it hurt people and made bad things happen to everyone that was involved.

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