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The Glass Castle Conflicts

No description

Josh Bortignon

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of The Glass Castle Conflicts

Conflicts There are four types of conflict
in The Glass Castle Person vs Person Person vs Self Person vs Society Person vs Nature Rex vs Rose Mary The couple argues and fights continuously throughout
the book, most because of Rex's alcoholism and Rose Mary's poor decisions. Their fights were usually resolved by being forgotten or arguing until they cannot argue any longer and it is done with. Parents vs Kids The parents bad choices and misbehavior affect the kids towards having better lives and cause trouble throughout the family. Most of their fights and arguments are forgotten about in time, as they try to move on from them. Walls children vs other children The kids get bullied and harassed due to their lives and how they live it. They are sociable unacceptable at times. Examples of these children are Ernie Goad, Dinitia Hewitt, and children from school. It is resolved by moving away from it or dealing with it until it goes away. Walls family vs Erma, Ted, and Stanley Walls As Rex, Rose Mary, and the kids live with Erma, Ted and Stanley, they get in many arguments and incidents. Stanley tries to sexually assault Jeanette and Erma the same with Brian. These conflicts are eventually resolved by Rex and his family being kicked out of Erma's house. Rex vs alcohol Rex is an alcoholic and goes to great extents to get money for alcohol. He lies, cheats, and steals to get it, which in end affects his family emotionally, physically, and mentally. His addiction to alcohol causes him to use the family's money on it, when it could be used to better their lives. Rex is never able to beat his addiction to alcohol and remains an alcoholic the rest of his life. Jeanette vs Feelings Throughout the book, Jeanette has strong mixed feelings towards helping her parents. She realizes how bad her life is and how messed up her parents are, but never can fix it. It is resolved by her accepting how her life and parents are. Walls family vs Society Since the Walls live such a poor life, society looks down upon them, and treats them very poorly. It is never resolved, until the kids get older and move away and everyone is separated. Walls family vs Nature The Walls have to deal with and adapt to many different environments, as they move constantly. An example is the fierce sandstorms they had to deal with when living in Battle Mountain. It is resolved by the Walls adapting to the environment and learning how to deal with it. There is one other type of conflict, but is not used in The Glass Castle: Person vs Supernatural By: Josh Bortignon
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