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Digital Deep Learning Skills

#DigELT2015 Presentation Slides at 'IATEFL Learning Technologies SIG event- Digital ELT Ireland 2015' in Dublin- 31st October 2015

Amin Neghavati

on 29 February 2016

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Transcript of Digital Deep Learning Skills

Digital Deep Learning Skills
in a teacher training programme
Deep Learning
"We need our learning systems to encourage youth to develop their own visions about what it means to connect and flourish in their constantly emerging world and equip them with the skills to pursue those visions. This expansive notion, encompassing the broader idea of human flourishing, is what we mean by 'deep learning'."
Fullan, M. & Langworthy, M. (2013) 'Towards a New End: New Pedagogies for Deep Learning', www.newpedagogies.org
Why is it important?
The world is becoming more connected.
Children need certain key skills in order to interact, work together and compete in the global economy.
These key skills are referred to as Deep Learning Skills.
Why should we care?
Education's purpose:
to pass on cultural identity and wisdom from one generation to the next
to prepare students for life and work after education.
e.g. real-world problem solving & use of ICT for learning.
But isn't this happening already?
Use of ICT for learning ?
Most classrooms still use ICT for basic information search!
UNESCO ICT Competency Framework for Teachers
What are these Deep Learning Competencies?
Creativity & Imagination
Critical Thinking
Global Citizenship
Real-World Problem solving
Use of ICT for Learning
Which ones did I decide to focus on?
Use of ICT for Learning
Global Citizenship
shift from traditional paper-and-pen
the use of
interactive lesson exercises,
interactive exams with real-time assessment
class notes that are available any time.
Use of ICT
Global Citizenship in Education
Cognitive Skills
Bahavioural Skills
Socio-emotional Skills
Social Media
Cross-border Conversations
Coaching and Mentoring
I answered these questions before making the final decision:
System Change
What's the trainer's role?
Is assessment built into the innovation?
Does the innovation include trainer CPD?
What tech support is there?
How expensive is the product?
How easy is the technology to use?
Can it be accessed any time and on any device?
Is it engaging?
language proficiency

British Council APTIS
English for Teaching
Teaching Methodology
face-to-face trainer
Online e-moderator
Professional Upskilling of English Language Teachers
9000 Malaysian Teachers
Final Note
Scan me for the links!
Learning has changed
and students are learning without us.
Limiting them to what we know and what we share with them on an online platform is definitely not the solution to help them learn better!
we used
Why is ICT integration so hard?
Let's stay connected
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