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Amish Traditional Economy

No description

Christian Delgado

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of Amish Traditional Economy

Amish Traditional Economy
Traditional economies are not advanced technologically. They don't have much business and are extremely self sufficient. This is what makes this type of economy different from capital, command, etc.
Roles in this Economy
Amish Women are expected to marry, have children and submit to their husband’s will. There is no divorce. It is the responsibility of the wife to care for the children and the household. Her tasks include cooking, cleaning, sewing, gardening and maintaining the general welfare of the family.
Strengths of a Traditional Economy
Traditional economies are very tough to live in. But it ensures that you are very self sufficient. This is very helpful because they don't need to depend on anyone but themselves.
Final Reflection
I chose this society because the Amish are just a perfect example of a Traditional Economy. They are very self sufficient and independent. I learned that the women probably have tougher roles than men because all the things they have to take care of. This project took me about 2 days to complete and perfect.
About the Amish
Nearly 250,000 Amish live in closely knit communities that are concentrated in rural Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and surrounding areas of the United States and Canada. Their economy is mostly based on farming and being self sufficient.
Weaknesses of a Traditional Economy
Traditional economies are very underdeveloped. They have almost no technology and are basically cut off from the outside world.
My Life in this Economy?
My life would be 100% different. Having no technology would be so difficult because I just can not live without my phone. Having to farm and do everything on my own would be way too much.

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