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Three Times Lucky

No description

Danielle Gladstone

on 11 August 2015

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Transcript of Three Times Lucky

Three Times Lucky By: Wikiah Kinyua
Falling Action
Rising Action
The first problem was a murder that happened to a man named Dolph Andrews.
Moses and Dale decide to start a detective agency called Desperado Detectives.
The second conflict was another murder. This murder happened to man whose name is Jesse Tatum.

The Main Character:
The main character was a girl by the name of Moses LoBeau. Moses is a rising sixth grader with a lot coming her way.
Dale Rose:
Dale Rose is Moses' best friend. Dale is sensitive and has a thing with dead peoples food.
The Colonel:
The Colonel was the man that found Moses as a baby. Moses arrived at Tupelo Landing on a stream. Colonel saw the baby (not yet named) and took her from the stream.
Miss Lana:
Miss Lana takes care of Moses along with the Colonel. She owns a cafe and loves designing her cafe.
The most interesting event was a kidnapping. The kidnapping was caused by a man whose name is Slate. Slate kidnapped Miss Lana and The Colonel.
Slate was found and trapped by Moses and Dale.
The story ends when they found out that a friend named Deputy Marla was found working with Slate. Jesse Tatum was killed by Slate for not sharing the heist money. Lastly Deputy Marla and Slate were sent to jail and everyone lived happy.
The moral of this story is that there are many mysteries in life but you can only answer one at a time.
I highly recommend this book. If you like tense books with surprises and mysteries, read this book.
THANKS FOR watching !!!!!!!!!
My Presentation On Three Times Lucky
They start investigating on Mr.Jesse's death
Moses and Dale find the Colonel and Miss Lana and continue there detective agency with one big mystery...Will Moses ever find her mom.
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